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First-time or inexperienced travellers.

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How seriously should I take size and weight limits of hand luggage?

I'll soon do my first intercontinental flight. Due to price, I decided to travel with hand luggage only. There are specified weight and size limits, of course – in my case it's 7kg and 53x38x20cm on a ...
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What places are good to visit in and from Ambleside in the Lake District UK during winter? [closed]

The title says it all. I know a lot of tourist destinations are closed in the winter. Are there things that specially open in winter so you can do them when holidaying there at that time of year?
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Can I travel between Schengen countries on one itinerary? [duplicate]

I want to travel to The Netherlands and Finland at the same time but my money is tight. For example, if my flight to Amsterdam is on December 29 and I return to my country on January 12, can I go to ...
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Getting a hepatitis B vaccine when in Poland or Budapest

I was a bit late on getting my hepatitis B vaccine before I left for my backpacking trip and I have to get 2 more shots, (1 month after 1st shot, 6 months after 1st shot ) and I'm wondering if anyone ...
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Travelling on Type D Schengen Italian visa

I have read a few posts specifying that you are allowed to travel for a 90-day period of a 180-day visa. I have a type D Schengen visa for 365 days. I have been in Italy for 5 months but have not ...
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Can an indian citizen with US B1/B2 visitor visa travel to US from the UK

After visiting the UK, can an Indian citizen with US B1/B2 visitor visa travel to the US?
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Return to my home country after visa expires, but leaving foreign country in time. OK?

In my case, my home country is India, and I return to India from Germany. My Visa expires a day before I reach my home country. I leave the foreign country within the Visa valid period. Is there going ...
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Australian visa for 1 year [closed]

I'm a little unsure about the Australian visa system. I've looked into which industries for the skills occupation list, but I'm unsure if that's relevant for 1 year or a full migration. I'm from the ...
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What is the arrival process in international air travel?

I've never left my birth country before. What is the process when arriving in another country? Assuming I have my passport book and can fly to another country, what happens when I depart the plane? ...
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How to know when to get on and off for transfers on Greyhound?

This is my first time riding the Greyhound bus by myself. I'm very scared, I don't know when to get on and off the bus, and I'm also scared to ask for help. I have two transfers in the whole trip. ...
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