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The travel-related features - means of transportation, accommodation, locations, cultural traditions, etc. - of the past, which bring back good memories.

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RIP 'I amsterdam', when will I see you again?

Due to over-tourism, they removed from the center, but a colleague from NET told me they will put it back somewhere else. Is this true? If so, does anyone know when and where?
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Which Horizon airlines (Alaska airlines) routes still uses turboprop planes?

A few years ago, it used to be easier to find this answer. But nowadays it’s increasingly harder. I know that they used to do SJC to Burbank or LAX in turboprop, as well as between Spokane and Seattle ...
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Where to see traditional but everyday Japanese architecture

When travelling to Japan, I enjoy seeing things that are Japanese but everyday just as much as the big-ticket attractions such as the grand castles and temples. However, when it comes to architecture,...
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Why are there so many well-kept ancient VW pick-ups on La Palma? [closed]

I've been recently on the beautiful island of La Palma, and in the rural areas, I noticed a considerable number of similarly-styled cars (same grey, all pick-ups), namely VW T2 pick-ups, which looked ...
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Finding Undisclosed Restaurants on the Adriatic Coast

Along the Adriatic coast there are some bizarre looking fishing piers called 'Trabocchi'. Some of these are apparently several hundred years old. San Vito Chietino, for example is mentioned in the ...
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Is there a rental agency for Citroen 2CVs, Meharis or Renault R4s in Corsica?

Going to Corsica, I'd prefer renting a fun classic french car like those listed in the title to a modern one. However, I could only find rental agencies for those classics in continental France. Are ...
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Buy old currency in Bratislava and Vienna

I will be traveling to Bratislava and Vienna this week. I want to know if there are any shops where I would get the old Slovak Korunas or Austrian Schillings. Also, I stay in Munich. Are there any ...
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What is the oldest train in the UK still operated regularly for a non-tourism purpose?

What can I find the oldest train in the UK still operating regularly, and the train(s) is/are operated for common service but not solely for tourist attraction? And which route(s) are they serving?
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Is there a website or resource that list places in Europe where you can ride a steam locomotive?

I recently went in a train with a steam locomotive. It's fascinating the way they work. I was wondering if it's possible to ride in the locomotive itself. Maybe even "drive" it, heat the furnace, and ...
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Is it still possible to find kisaengs in today's Korea?

Do kisaengs (female Korean entertainers, sometimes described as analogous to geishas in Japan) still exist, and is it possible to watch a performance or book an evening with them? The Wikipedia ...
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In Bacau, Romania, what is the current name of the street that used to be called "Filimon Sirbu"?

My mother immigrated from Romania 55 years ago. Now she wants to travel back for sight-seeing, but all the names have been changed. The name of the street she grew up on was Filimon Sirbu. How can we ...
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Where can a tourist to Malta ride an articulated bus?

I was thinking a short break to Valletta might be enhanced by taking one of the 'bendy buses' that used to serve London. Is it possible to ride one of these? Or alternatively, are there any bus ...
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Eating on the Palace on Wheels, in Rajasthan, India if I have dietary restrictions

I've heard a lot about the train that was owned by a Maharaja and has become a major tourist attraction. I'm gluten allergic and have other dietary restrictions. I'm wondering if cooped up in a train ...
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Is it possible to find "castaway" accommodation in the Alps?

After watching the last episodes of Breaking Bad, I've had the idea of finding a truly castaway house to stay in for a week or so. Preferably something with electricity, running water and Internet, ...
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Traveling aboard an ocean liner like in The Royal Tenenbaums?

For the past year he had been traveling alone on an ocean liner called the Cote d’Ivoire and had seen both poles, five oceans, the Amazon and the Nile. Does such a thing exist? If so, how would one ...
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Is there a ship of the line that I can sail on from Britain?

A ship of the line is a Double or triple decked battle ship from the 17th through the mid-19th century like those used at the battle of Trafalgar. Ideally I'd like to crew on one for a week or so, ...
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