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Questions regarding travel issues for citizens of Norway.

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Do we have to pay for a visa to get into Abu Dhabi during a layover of 16hrs en route to Australia from Norway?

Do we have to purchase a Visa into Abu Dhabi during a layover of 16hrs en route to Sydney? I am Australian and the Wife and Kids hold Norwegian Passports.
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How seriously should I take a CBP interview where I was told I have a red flag and could only stay for 30 days?

I’m 20 year old girl traveling on a ESTA for the second time over a longer period. The first time I used it for a longer 2 months period in June. Then I went home for one month and now I am back. The ...
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Are there any soup kitchens or food pantries in Tromsø?

I'm in Tromsø, Norway and due to some very unusual circumstances I'm down to my last dime, but my flight to Oslo is not until a few days from now. So I wonder if there's any soup kitchens, or free ...
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Do I need a visa for my days in Canada when traveling to the US using the VWP?

I am an Norwegian citizen and this summer, I am going on a 4 week holiday in the US. For the most part, I will be staying in the US, but I want to drive over the border on a day trip to see Canada. ...
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Entering the US with mismatching birth country and city in passport

My girlfriend and I are planning to travel to the US this summer to visit her family that lives there. We are both Norwegian citizens, but she was a refugee from an African country, and when she ...
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Can we travel within Schengen by plane with an infant without a passport?

We'll be travelling from a Schengen country to another by plane, bringing our 3 month old baby with us. It's possible that we won't have time to receive a normal passport in time for our trip, thus ...
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My passport and visa has been stolen in USA

I'm from Norway, backpacking from USA to Africa. Right now I'm on the way to Las Vegas, and in a couple of days I'm travelling to China. But ... my passport with my visa to China was stolen in San ...
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I-94W visa ? ESTA?

What is the I-94W visa form? Traveling by car from Mexico to the USA, via ESTA VWP. Plan to stay in the USA for up to 90 days. Then we head into Canada for 6-8 weeks, before be head back into the US ...
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Applying for Chinese visa with dual citizenship and only one passport

First time posting here. I am very confused and worried. Going (or not) to visit China with my class in march. I have dual citizenship (German/Norwegian) and live in Norway. However, I do not own a ...
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