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Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA (OSE: NAS), trading as Norwegian, is the third largest low-cost carrier in Europe, the second-largest airline in Scandinavia, and the ninth-largest airline in Europe in terms of passenger numbers.

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Time between connecting flights in Norway

I'll be traveling from Frankfurt to Trondheim (Norway) in late August. I'll be taking a Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Oslo and then a Norwegian flight from Oslo to Trondheim. The Lufthansa flight ...
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Norwegian Air ticket conversion to CashPoints because of COVID19 is not working for me, why?

I had booked a ticket for two for June 2020 from Bulgaria to Finland before COVID19 happened. Now I want to cancel or refund my ticket, but the only option there is on the website of Norwegian Airline ...
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Norwegian refuses EU delay (4.7 hours) compensation because it turned out there was nothing wrong with the aircraft

My flight from Oslo to Rome was delayed by 4 hours and 40 minutes. I submitted a request to Norwegian Air Shuttle requesting a compensation of 400 Euros under EU 261/2004. Their reasoning for why ...
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Does Norwegian overbook flights?

I heard and read about other airlines but not about Norwegian. I read their website and searched for articles, blog posts but there is nothing I can find. Do they overbook flights?
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Insurance against airline bankruptcy

So, WOW Air stops flying with zero notice. I believe that's the traditional notice, perhaps to preclude individual creditors’ attempts to attach aircraft before a general bankruptcy filing. We ...
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Cancel VWP return flight after entering USA

I will travel to the USA under Visa Waiver Program. Thus I will leave the US inside 90 days but for a number of reasons not relevant to this question I do not yet know exactly when I'll depart. Since ...
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Connection time at Newark Liberty Intl Airport

I will be flying into Newark on United from SFO, flight arrives 9:35pm in Terminal C. I have a Norwegian flight to London from Terminal B at 12:15am. Norwegian Air told me the check-in desk closes ...
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Travelling in Economy (Low Fare) on Norwegian between US and Italy

I am thinking about trying Norwegian from New York to Rome. What are your experience in terms of how comfortable the flight is? Is it really cramped? Regarding the meals, I see on this page that you ...
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Can I buy a select seat at the check-in counter?

I will fly with Norwegian from BUD to CPH in February. I have a LowFare ticket so the seat selection is €12. I know that if I don’t reserve a seat in advance, I will get one random upon check-in which ...
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Do air carriers assign seats based on customer spending? [closed]

European carriers such as Air France, Norwegian, KLM, etc. charge their economy passengers to select a seat at booking time, resulting in most passengers letting the airline pick for them when they ...
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How to plan flights with more than one stop with Norwegian so it isn't expensive? [duplicate]

When buying flights tickets usually buying a one-way flight is very expensive, comparing to flights that have return. In many airline websites there is not an option for planing a whole big trip with ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Folding strollers allowed as hand baggage on Norwegian?

Norwegian's checked baggage policy mentions that travelers with children and infants may check a car seat or stroller free. They also recommend putting your stroller in a Stokke PramPack to avoid ...
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Forgot to reserve a seat on Norwegian Air. Do I need to check-in in person?

I got my boarding passes but noticed that I had forgotten to make seats reservations, on the website it says that if I don't choose my seats then I will be assigned seats on the day of the departure. ...
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Norwegian Air Carry-On Dimension Tolerance

I purchased Norwegian Air tickets for a round-trip between Copenhagen & NYC (layover at Gatwick) a while back, and only recently thought to double-check my bag's dimensions to make sure they fit ...
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How does seat assignment work with 'direct to gate' service from Norwegian?

If flying with Norwegian within the Nordic countries or from the Nordics to Europe (and having only carry on luggage), one can proceed directly through security and to the gate without boarding, etc. ...
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Norwegian booking cancellation

I booked a flight from Oslo to Helsinki and I want to cancel it! How can I do that, and will I have to pay extra charges?
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Booking flight tickets together or in separate parts?

I'm flying from A to C via B with Norwegian. Booking flight ticket from A to C costs 285.20 euros. If I buy flight ticket first from A to B and then from B to C, total price is 253.20 euros with ...
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