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290,000 square miles of water between Great Britain / the northern Scottish Islands and continental Europe, bounded by the English Channel to the south and the Norwegian Sea to the north.

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Ocean view east of Edinburgh

I have one more day to kill in Scotland and I started to think that it would be nice to see the ocean. Where is the closest spot to do this outside of Edinburgh? It should be easily accesible by car ...
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What are the ferry options for getting from Sweden to Scotland? [duplicate]

As this question points out the routes from Sweden and Denmark to Newcastle has been discontinued. Driving the whole way from Stockholm (for example) to Scotland is some 26 hours and geography ...
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Expert-guided tour of an offshore wind farm in or near the North Sea?

A few months ago, there were expert-guided tours available of one of the Danish offshore wind farms. Those have stopped now. Where can I find an expert-guided tour now? Not just a boat that heads out ...
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How to get from the North Sea to the Black Sea (or Aegean/Adriatic Sea) via inland waterways?

I would like to travel from the North Sea to the warmer waters of the south Mediterranean. Either the Black Sea, Adriatic, or Aegean. From wikipeadia I see that there is a link from the Netherlands on ...
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