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Traveling to the state of North Carolina in the United States.

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What exactly are the quarantine restrictions in the US?

If you fly to the US from the Netherlands as a Dutch citizen you have to quarantine for 14 days. What does this mean exactly and how is it enforced? For example, if I fly to North Carolina, via NY, ...
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Is 56 Minutes enough to get between terminals at Newark International (EWR)?

I have a flight going from charlotte to Newark, and a 56-minute connection between wheels down in Newark from charlotte, to wheels up in Newark to Mumbai. Could anyone tell me what my odds are on ...
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Where in North Carolina is this Christmas shopping plaza from Stuck In Love (2012 film)?

This scene's on You-tube. IMDB and Wikipedia asseverate this movie was filmed in North Carolina. Stuck in Love started shooting in Wilmington, North Carolina in March 2012, primarily in the ...
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Drive to Chimney Rock

I am planning to drive to Chimney Rock, NC, USA. The idea is to drive up to the parking lot next to Cliff Dwellers Gift Shop and walk up to the flag point shown in this picture. I want to know: Do ...
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Is a North Carolina driver’s permit also valid in South Carolina? [duplicate]

In both states, the required age is 15 to get a permit. Does that mean that a permit issued in North Carolina also allow you to drive legally in South Carolina?
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Getting to the US Mainland From the Outer Banks by Car

After leaving the Bodie Island Lighthouse (see this), I would like to continue south and enter the ferry system operated by the North Carolina Department of Transportation. The plan would be... Take ...
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Mobile Charging at the Bodie Island Lighthouse

The Bodie Island Lighthouse is situated on North Carolina's "Outer Banks" within a large system of U. S. national parks known as the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Source: Wiki Creative Commons On ...
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Near Charlotte Airport, is there anywhere to learn about NC's aviation history during a stopover?

Charlotte, North Carolina, is a surprisingly good airport for layovers. Compact layout, easy to get between gates, friendly people, and no need to exit one bit of the airport + take a train + re-clear ...
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Driving in North and South Carolina with an Indian driving licence?

I am a visitor in Charlotte, NC, and am planning to drive from Charlotte to Charleston by renting a car. Will my Indian driving licence be enough for driving a car in the states of NC and SC, or do I ...
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The lost colony of Roanoke site

From what I gather on my search there is a recreation of facilities and fortifications of the Lost Colony of Roanoke. I am wondering if the original buildings or fortifications still exist on the ...
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