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A person who does not stay long in the same place; a wanderer.

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Can I work remotely for a non-Singapore employer while visiting Singapore?

I am planning to visit Singapore for 2-3 weeks, purely for tourism. However, I work for a U.S. employer. So, can I work remotely for my US employer while visiting Singapore?
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Digital Nomad Visa for Brazil (12 months) [closed]

Has anyone successfully received the Digital Nomad Visa for Brazil? How was the process? I'm especially interested to know about whether translations of documents are required and if they should be ...
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Obtaining travel insurance without permanent residency [duplicate]

I am looking to get full comprehensive travel (+ medical) insurance for my upcoming trip to Kenya. I have been looking around and comparing the various insurance companies but I keep running into ...
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I am a nomad (traveler), where is my home?

7 months ago I left my home country to become a Digital Nomad. Every 3 months I have been travelling to a different country as a visitor. Literally I don't have the one home. So, where is my home for ...
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Which kind of accommodation allows guests to stay overnight?

The problem: I would like to be able to have sex / bring people over to my room while travelling. I know this is not a problem in bigger hotels, but it often is in smaller, more "personal" ...
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What are my options for nomad working in the EU?

I'm currently travelling through 4 European countries while remotely working for my own companies for salaries and doing this on a tourist Visa. Currently this is Germany, Belgium, Netherland and ...
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Is a travel insurance from World Nomads valid as health insurance for Schengen visa?

I will be traveling to Germany next Monday, I have not bought the health insurance yet. I come from Brazil (Brazilian). Is a travel insurance bought from WorldNomads valid as a health insurance for ...
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