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Questions specific to problems encountered by travelling without planning in advance.

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Using Korail trains in South Korea without advance booking?

I plan to take a Korail train in October in South Korea. I don't know exactly at what time I'll reach the train station. Is it practical to just show up at Korail train stations and buy a ticket there?...
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Can I complete the ArriveCAN form at the last minute at the Canadian border when queuing to enter Canada?

I plan to enter Canada from the US by car via the Douglas Border Crossing. I must complete the ArriveCAN form, which asks my exact day and time of arrival. I don't know the exact time yet. Can I ...
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If an airline or immigration policy requires an onward ticket, is it ok to purchase it at the last minute or after being refused check-in/entry? [closed]

If an airline or immigration policy requires an onward ticket, is it allowed or sufficient for airline and immigration policies to purchase it at the last minute or after being refused check-in/entry? ...
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What is an efficient way of planning solo-trips with so many unknowns? [closed]

I love traveling, and have always traveled since I was a kid. Now that I have more freedom of movement, I'd like to take the chance to see the rest of the world. While living in Europe, it's easy and ...
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Do train prices in Norway increase close to date of travel?

Some travel companions and I are planning to take a train from Oslo to Bergen Norway in the first week of August. Now (1½ months in advance) prices are around 500 NOK per person for a daytime train ...
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Spontaneous B&B in Ireland

I am going on a road trip to Ireland and Northern Ireland and I would like to know if it is realistic to expect to find affordable B&B accommodation in Ireland. Affordable for me would be 50-70€ ...
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Is advance booking required for ferries from China to South Korea?

We already have a question about prices of ferries from China to South Korea, my question is: can I just show up at the port and buy a ticket for the same-day ferry or do I have to book it in advance? ...
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Is it a good idea to go to the airport and ask for the next cheap flight to anywhere?

My girlfriend and I are living in Vancouver (BC, Canada). We have the project to directly go to the airport and buy the next cheap round-trip (return) flight ticket to go to any (relatively close) ...
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Using trains and buses in India without advance booking?

We talked about the different booking periods on Indian trains, and also about which class one might want to use. We learned that locals may ride on the roof of trains because the trains are too ...
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Return trip mandatory when leaving Australia? [closed]

Is it mandatory to plan the return trip in advance when leaving Australia (NSW) for 3 months? I ask because airport staff makes it look like there's a law or something without explaining further ...
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Are there ways to keep long-distance land transport costs down in France when not planning in advance?

Ten years ago I travelled around Europe for the first time and in some countries I was very frustrated by high cost of trains and lack of alternatives to them. I remember being in Cannes with a ...
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