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Do MTA monthly passes work in NJ?

I've lived in Manhattan for a few years and am now going to be in Hoboken for a few months. However, I'll still be commuting to Manhattan every day for work. I'm not at all familiar with transit to NJ....
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What is the cheapest way to get from Penn Station New York to Penn Station New Jersey apart from walking/biking?

I don't mind walking a few minutes to and from each station, for example walking to the 33rd street PATH will allow me to get to Newark for a maximum of $2.75. But what about the bus? The NJ Transit ...
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How much is the NJ Transit Rail Weekly Pass?

I tried looking it up on the NJ Transit website (note: not PATH), but there is no information about the Weekly Pass' price. I downloaded the NJ Transit app and Weekly Passes for Rail are not sold ...
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Phone dying when using mobile myTix NJ Transit app - what can be done to protect?

NJ Transit has an option of buying a monthly bus pass with a mobile app myTix. How can a traveler protect themselves from a situation where they paid for myTix pass purchase but their cell phone died ...
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