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Nikkō, a city in the mountains of the Tochigi Prefecture near the centre of the island of Honshū, Japan. Not to be confused with a train of the same name.

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How to get to Nikko from Tokyo for free using a NIKKO PASS?

I've been reading about Nikko Pass (2 or 4 day options) and they never explain how to reach Nikko without paying an extra for the "limited express" train. In fact, their website promotes it as "Round ...
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In Nikko, Japan what kind of hot spring options are available?

Nikko is famous for its hot springs. I was planning to visit it with the intention of enjoying some good onsens. Are there different kind of onsens available there i.e for instance some are there in ...
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Ice Skating near Tokyo/Nikko in the Summer

I was hoping to enjoy some Ice Skating, just for fun during my trip to Japan. I am currently in Tokyo and was planning to visit Nikko sometime soon. I was hoping if there are any ice skating rinks ...
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