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A country in the south-western Pacific Ocean. It consists of two main islands and multiple smaller ones.

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Refused visa from USA. Letter is lost but so what can I disclose for New Zealand visa?

I applied for a USA visitor visa back in 2018 but was refused. I lost the refusal letter but didn't read it thoroughly and now I don't remember the reason of the refusal. Now I am planning for a ...
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New Zealand Visa : Medicals on Old Visa - Issues to File Visa?

I had done my medicals for New Zealand visa when my old passport was active last month. Then I got a new passport re-issued as I had to change personal details in the passport. Now the medicals have ...
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Sending leather goods to New Zealand

New Zealand customs aren't very clear about leather goods, they mention leather hides as raw material and a lot of specific types of exotic leather goods and seperately rawhide goods. Can I send a ...
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