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Questions tagged [new-york-city]

Questions about New York City, the largest city in the United States, located in the Northeast in the State of New York.

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ESTA - Point of Contact and Personal Address

In two months I am going to be in NY again for tourism and since my prevuious ESTA expired, I need to reapply for a new one. This time, I am gonna stay in an AirBnB but I don't have the family name of ...
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Appointment issues for Schengen visa in the New York Center (VFS office)

I'm planning to travel to France on Aug 16 for tourism (Short Stay). The Schengen visa appointment is booked completely in the New York VFS office and the latest date I see when the appointment is ...
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Will my NYC Learner's Permit allow me to travel domestically without a passport?

I'm travelling from NYC to Oregon on the 20th of June, and just now I checked my passport and realized it had expired in April. If I want to renew my passport, I either have to wait 8 weeks or more to ...
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UK Visitor Visa application NY decision delayed

I was one of the applicants affected by the temporary refusal of UKVI to accept biometrics at the USCIS locations. I ended doing my biometrics month after I applied online and it has been 4 weeks now ...
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