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One of the 50 American states of which USA is comprised. "Land of Enchantment" is in southwestern USA and borders Mexico.

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Indigenous sites, museums or cultural centers along the road between Albuquerque and Moab?

I will be travelling in the U.S. with my family in April. We will travel by car from Texas to Utah, most likely via Albuquerque. We would like to visit an Indigenous site, museum or cultural center ...
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Can tourists view missile tests at the White Sands Missile Range?

I read that the White Sands Missile Range (Gmaps) in New Mexico, USA conducts more than 3,000 tests annually. Can tourists view missile tests at the White Sands Missile Range?
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Eco-driving betweeen Phoenix and Austin through Albuquerque

I've found out that my car is capable of doing about 2× of the city mpg if driven on highways at 50—60mph in place of 70—80mph (going 80mph appears to retain the city-spec'ed mpg in my 2.5L ...
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What are the true hours Gila National Forest is open?

On Google Maps, the hours for Gila National Forest are posted as 08:00-16:00, M-F. However this doesn't seem right, for a few different reasons. It's a pretty big area to keep closed on the weekends,...
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Is the town of Continental Divide, New Mexico located on the actual continental divide?

There is a small town in New Mexico on I-40 called Continental Divide (wikipedia isn't very helpful here). I see on this map that the Continental Divide Trail doesn't pass through there, but passes ...
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How can I locate World War I related sites in the American southwest?

We're planning a trip through New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah. My son is studying WWI, and I'm wondering if there are any museums, still-extant factories or the like that we can tour on the trip. If ...
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Where can I find a schedule of small rodeos in Arizona and Utah?

We're making a driving trip through Arizona and Utah (and a bit of New Mexico and Colorado), and we would like to see a rodeo along the way. I'm hoping there's a central list of rodeos online so I can ...
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