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Name on ticket & passport mismatch

I signed up with United Mileage Plus like 20 years ago and I used "Phil" as my first name, but my actual legal name is "Philip" and that's what is on my passport. I'm American and ...
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Can you take a car-ferry from France to the UK with a somone else's car?

I am looking to book a Brittany Ferries return service from St-Malo (France) to Portsmouth with a car, however it is not registered to my name. I do have the owner permission (I can have a signed ...
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Qatar Flight ticket name change

My Son name on his passport is: First Name: XXX YYY Last Name: ZZZ The name which I gave in the flight ticket is First name: XXX ZZZ Last name: ZZZ It's a Qatar ticket from US to India. Will there be ...
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Name discrepencies between passports

I'm a French-Italian bi-national My main, French, passport is currently unavailable and I need to travel, so I'm using my Italian passport but both are different My French passport correctly refers my ...
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