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Munich Airport, near Munich (München), Germany.

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10 votes
4 answers

Is 1½ hours enough for a transit at Munich Airport?

I'm heading to India next week and have a connection in Munich, Germany. I made the mistake of booking a flight with only an hour and a half layover (freaking out!) and I'm wondering if I'll have to ...
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4 answers

Lufthansa connecting flight at Munich, only 45 minutes in between. Will I be able to make it?

I bought a single ticket from Lufthansa, of Mumbai to Paris. My first flight (LH765) lands at 5:55am at Munich, from where I have another Lufthansa flight (LH2226) to Paris at 6:40am. This is a single ...
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2 answers

Travelling from Dresden to Delhi via Munich with 45 minutes transit time, is it sufficient?

I am travelling from Dresden to Delhi via Munich (holding Indian passport with Schengen visa) through Lufthansa airlines. The transit time at Munich airport to board Delhi flight is just 45 minutes. ...
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15 votes
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How can I reach Marktoberdorf from Munich Airport? Disabled person

First of all (its quite important) I need to say, that I am a disabled person, and walk with a crutch. In about two weeks I'm flying from Poland to Munich Airport. It is the first time I fly alone and ...
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3 answers

Is my luggage automatically transferred from United Airlines to LuxAir at Munich airport?

I am traveling on United Airlines to Munich and then connecting to LuxAir. Will my checked in luggage be automatically transfered to the LuxAir flight or do I have to do it myself?
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2 answers

Traveling through Munich Airport

I'm traveling from the US, through Munich Airport, to connect to another flight to Turkey. What exactly is checked when going through passport control in the Munich Airport?
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Is a 2hr transit enough time in Munich from Canada

Title says it all. Is 1h 55m enough of a layover in Munich for a Montreal > Munich > Athens flight? We are both Canadian citizens.
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