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For questions about moving house and how to transport furniture.

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China visa for children with one Chinese parent; moving to China with children

I am married to a Chinese citizen. We have two children born in Sweden; one was born before my wife got permanent residence and the other child was born after she got permanent residence. We applied ...
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How Do I Handle Getting Injured Or Ill While Moving Out Of State (in USA) [closed]

I am planning to move out of state. I am in USA. Looking at some places and sending in my resume. I try to take best care of my health (my Primary Care Physician says I am healthier than her!), i.e ...
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Moving to EU, do I need a return ticket? [closed]

Me and my wife are moving to the EU from the US in about 2 months time. I’m a citizen of the EU country we are moving to, but my wife is not, so we will apply for her residency permit once we get ...
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When you hire a moving firm to move your stuff, are you allowed to ride with them? [closed]

I realize that this is probably going to be one of those "you have to ask the specific company" thing, but I wonder in general. If I pay a company to move my stuff from the old to the new ...
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Moving and wonder if I need to stop at weigh stations?

I am renting a 10' U-Haul to move from my home in Washington State to my second home in Wyoming. I will be traveling from the Pacific coast in Washington to Laramie, mostly on I-90, and will be going ...
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If my passport is stamped to stay in the UK for six months, can I ship my furniture over?

I've come over as a visitor to the UK. I might be staying longer than planned and would love to ship my furniture over if possible because it will be cheaper than continuing to store it in the US. My ...
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Moving one way in Europe [closed]

I'm currently living in Switzerland though will be moving soon. Perhaps to the UK, perhaps to where is not certain yet but there are many possibilities. I do not have a car of my own ...