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At 3,776 metres (12,389 feet) the highest mountain in Japan, located on Honshu Island.

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Stop along the Tokyo-Kyoto Shinkansen for Mt Fuji views

We are currently in Tokyo and will be traveling to Kyoto tomorrow, March 31, by bullet train (nothing booked yet). We would like to see Mt Fuji along the way. Ideally it will take as little time out ...
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How to travel to this tower with a gorgeous view toward Mount Fuji?

I would like to visit this place. What is the name of this tower? The location of the town/city of this tower? And what is the relative direction of this tower to Fuji mountain? What is the ...
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Is it possible to climb Mt. Fuji in November? [duplicate]

I understand this is outside of the climbing season. It appears to be legal and the risks are higher, but I'd like to know if it's even really possible or is snow usually too deep at this time and ...
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Hiking Mount Fuji in the off season

There are plenty of guides on hiking mount Fuji, and how to get there in the summer (the "open" season, July- early September). I have read and been told that although the routes are technically ...
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Is it possible to move between the various fifth bases of Fuji?

For an upcoming trip to Fuji, I plan to cycle to the fifth base, probably using the Fuji-Subaru line from Fujiyoshida. However, my friends plan to use one of the other trails. Assuming I have enough ...
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Which mountain huts might be open outside of Mt. Fuji's regular season?

I'm considering climbing Mt. Fuji in mid-June, slightly before the regular season starts (regular season is July to mid-September). That way, it might be less crowded and a little more peaceful. I'm ...
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Identifing city (and buildings) below Mount Fuji

I have just received a paper folder for some documents, which has this beautiful photo in the back: I assume, this is Mount Fuji. Can you help me identify city, that lays below (and it is pictured ...
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Is a bullet train from Tokyo to Mount Fuji feasible in a 15 hour layover?

I have a 15 hour layover in Tokyo, which arrives at 8:35 AM, and doesn't depart until 12:35 AM the next day. I was wondering if it would be feasible to take a bullet train to Mount Fuji, and back and ...
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Climbing Mount Fuji

I'd like to trek to Mount Fuji. Some of my colleagues at work tell me that it takes about 10 hours and there's a pit stop I can stop at and rest before I go up to the peak. I've heard that it's ...
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