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Structures and areas used as places of worship for Muslims (مَـسْـجِـد‎,).

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Are non-Muslims allowed to enter mosques in Malaysia?

When I was in Morocco, I was disappointed to find out non-Muslims, in general, aren't permitted in mosques in the country, but I heard this isn't the case in some other countries. I'm headed to ...
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Can Mosques in the UAE be Visited by Non-Muslims?

Which mosques can be visited by non-Muslims in Abu Dhabi and Dubai? Are foreigners and non-Muslims restricted to certain times? What about certain dates? Are the different restrictions for visiting ...
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Are non-Muslims allowed to visit the Prophet's Mosque in Medina?

Are non-Muslims allowed to visit the Prophet's Mosque in Medina, assuming you are allowed into Saudi Arabia in the first place? Wikivoyage mentions that non-Muslims aren't allowed into central Medina:...
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Can a Muslim woman visit Medina Mosques as tourist independently?

I’m a Muslim girl from Romania. How can I get a visa to visit the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, Saudi Arabia?
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Locating a Sunni mosque in Worcestershire

I am hosting a group of Saudi Arabians in Worcestershire, UK. I am trying to locate a suitable mosque (Sunni based) that they can attend but I am struggling to find an appropriate one using the ...
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What is the shortest layover in Istanbul that would let me visit The Blue Mosque?

I am planning a trip that will involve changing planes in Istanbul (IST) airport. This is a routing that a travel agent chose to save my client money, and I've agreed to it because I've never been ...
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Are there any mosques in Liechtenstein?

Are there any mosques in Liechtenstein? I like to visit a local mosque in every city I visit. Any Idea?
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Are there any standard clothing restrictions when visiting mosques?

I know from visiting many catholic churches that many require knees and shoulders to be covered, so dressing appropriately is essential for hassle-free travel. Are there similar rules that might apply ...
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