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The language spoken in Mongolia and parts of China, particularly Inner Mongolia.

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Is this sign in a Mongolian airport saying you can dispose of toilet paper in the bin?

At this toilet at Chiingis Khaan airport (ULN) in Ulaanbaatar, which had a bin for toilet paper, there was a sign appearing to say that it's ok to either use the toilet, or the rubbish bin, for ...
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Practicing Mongolian pronunciation before visiting Mongolia [closed]

I'm planning on learning how to read Cyrillic, being able to speak Mongolian, and maybe being able to hear spoken Mongolian before visiting Mongolia. There's a reasonable amount of Mongolian-language ...
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Why is the Lonely Planet Mongolian phrasebook so small?

Lonely Planet's Mongolian Phrasebook & Dictionary has only 212 pages, while Japanese has 272 pages, and Chinese has 256 pages. Also, the Mongolian phrasebook does not have some sections that other ...
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Learning Russian versus Mongolian for visiting Mongolia

I'm planning on visiting Mongolia. I'll probably hire a tour guide for the trip, not only because of the language barrier but also so I'm not travelling solo, and so I can gain local knowledge. What ...
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Somewhere tourists can lightly study Mongolian calligraphy in Inner or Outer Mongolia?

I'm currently in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia after having travelled through Inner Mongolia, China - which I'll return to when my current visa expires. I bought an English-Mongolian dictionary before I left ...
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