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Questions tagged [money]

Questions about withdrawing, exchanging, and handling money, encompassing any financial instrument accepted as form of payment for good and services.

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Where to obtain crisp new US bills in London?

I’m travelling to Cambodia and have to bring $2000 USD in cash to pay for the quarantine facility. Immigration are adamant that I have to bring brand new crisp US currency (no tears, marks, creases ...
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How and where to buy money order for VFS Canada visa

I will keep having help, indeed, I applied for a visa and IRCC asked me to submit my passport to VFS. On the VFS GLOBAL website they say to send an amount of 22.80 by money order. I did this through ...
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Less than 6 months bank statement in UK visitor visa?

I've read many posts on TSE explaining the importance of bank statements and why they are necessary but has anyone applied for a UK standard visitor visa with only 3-5 months of perfect cash flow ...
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Carrying a large amount of cash out of the US during a flight with a connection

Say I want to take 15,000 US dollars out of the US. The destination is country "B" (say somewhere in middle-east), but I also have a connection in country "A" (say somewhere in ...
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UK Visa application money

I'm applying for an UK visa, and there is a question, I don't know what to write: What is the total amount of money you spend each month? Include living costs, money given to dependants, rent or ...
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Changing peso to baht, in Thailand or the Philippines?

I'm changing Philippine pesos to Thai baht. Where can I get more favourable exchange rate, in general? In Thailand, or the Philippines?
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UKVI refusal received on 06/06/2024

I am asking a question here regarding my UK visit visa refusal which I received on 06/06/2024. I am a Pakistani national employed in a local tourism company registered with local chamber of Commerce ...
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Is the exchange in Taiwan bank exchange office in Taoyuan airport same as the Taiwan bank inside the city?

I want to pay the hotel soon in Taiwan. I have USD. I am not sure whether it is logical to pay with my bank card which I know has commission or change in airport since it is covid and the hotel wants ...
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