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Ninoy Aquino International Airport, also known as Manila International Airport serves the capital city of The Philippines.

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Can French citizens flying from Bangkok BKK to SFO do an international, cross-terminal transit in Manila Airport (MNL) with the COVID-19 restrictions?

Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) a.k.a. Manila Airport (MNL) has 4 passenger terminals (mirror), 3 of them serving international flights: NAIA Terminal 1: NAIA Terminal 1 serves almost all ...
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What's the point of DHS warning passengers about Manila airport?

I've seen the following warning printed next to all TSA checkpoints in a US airport: The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) today announced the determination that aviation security at Ninoy ...
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Airport transfer in Manila between Terminals 1 and 3

I am soon going on a tour to the Philippines (Cebu) with a stop in Manila. There, I need to transfer from terminal 1 (which serves for international flights only) to terminal 3 (domestic flights only)....
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Postcards, stamps and mailbox at Manila airport?

I'm having a stupidly hard time finding postcards and stamps in Manila -- it looks like postal mail has been comprehensively obsoleted here by SMS! Can I find postcards, stamps and a mailbox to send ...
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Is there a fee-free ATM at Manila Airport (MNL) and what is the maximum withdrawal amount per transaction?

I have a US bank debit card (CapitalOne 360, formerly INGDirect) that lets me make withdrawals for free, in the local currency, and at the prevailing official MasterCard market exchange rates (which ...
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What should I do when my bags have been planted with bullets (or any malicious content)?

In NAIA, there have been a number of bullet-planting cases with the passengers going and leaving through NAIA (Manila International Airport, I have no idea why they insist in calling it Ninoy Aquino ...
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Flying to the Philipines from Saudi Arabia with several electronic devices

I am traveling home from Saudi Arabia to the Philippines and I plan to bring with me 5 smartphones (in unopened boxes, as gifts), two personal laptops, 2 smartphones (personal), 1 iPod Touch and 1 ...
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How long should I schedule to travel from Manila to General Santos, Philippines?

After flying in to Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila, how long should I plan to take using public transportation (bus?) to get to General Santos?
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KUL-MNL-KUL - I will only use my MNL-KUL [duplicate]

I have this concern about my KUL-MNL-KUL ticket. Can I only use my MNL-KUL ticket? Since I will be coming from Manila on the that time. Do they honor my ticket even I didn't show up on my KUL-MNL?
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