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Questions about travel to and around Minsk, the capital and largest city of Belarus.

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How can you navigate the metro and bus in Belarus on your smartphone?

While traveling to foreign countries I always use Google Map (except in China and South Korea where I use Baidu and Naver Map). One of the best feature on Google Map is if you select any place and tap ...
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Renting a car in Minsk, Belarus for EU citizens

I am from European Union. I have driving license and IDP (international driving permit) both issued in Denmark. I am considering using latest Belarus visa cancellation for EU citizens, fly to Minsk ...
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Foreigner registration in Belarus?

Are the foreigners required to register at police/immigration office on arrival if they are visiting Belarus for less than 5 days?
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What are the sim card options in Belarus for a tourist? [duplicate]

I'm traveling to Minsk and would like to get a local sim while I'm there (only for data). What are my options? Can I buy a sim card at Minsk airport?
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Minsk Airport VOA

I will be in Eastern Europe next year and I'm looking at going through Belarus on my way home. When looking at the website here ( I spotted two things of interest. "Visa ...
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