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Large state in the Midwestern United States comprising two peninsulas formed by the Great Lakes of North America.

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What is a copy of a valid state ID for a bus system application

I'm about to get a bus pass for reduced fare in the state of Michigan, I qualify with both Scoliosis and Autism. But, reading the application, it states a copy of a valid ID must be enclosed. This ...
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Is Ann Arbor within reasonable Lyft/Uber range of DTW?

My family is going to a wedding in Ann Arbor. From a map, it looks like it's within reason to Lyft or Uber from the DTW airport. (Where "reasonable" means something like "under $50".) Does this make ...
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Cheapest way from DTW Airport to Auburn Hills, MI? [closed]

I would like to know first if DTW is the most convenient International Airport nearby Auburn Hills, MI? And what is the cheapest way to get a ride from the Airport to Auburn Hills?
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Luggage storage in Sault Ste. Marie

I'm planning on stopping in to Sault Ste Marie on a bus trip. The Indian Trails (long distance) bus stop is an hour walk outside of the downtown on the Michigan side and there's a similar situation on ...
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How much time should I allow if hitchhiking from Southeast Michigan to Boston, MA?

According to Google, driving would take about 12 hours. So if I bust my ass trying to hitch-hike non-stop and as hard as I can (but without having to pay any money or fork out any sort of special ...
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Traveling from Chicago to Houghton/Hancock?

I am reaching Chicago O'Hare airport around 8:00AM Monday after an arduous 15hr flight and am carrying two 23 kg bags. I further need to go to Houghton/Hancock whichever is convenient. I checked ...
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Renting a car from Detroit to Tennessee or Florida [duplicate]

I'm in Michigan and I'd like to get to Tennessee or Florida. My idea is to go by car but when I see what the rentals cost (one way is immensely more expensive and I won't be going back north myself), ...
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Must drivers stop at zebra crossings / crosswalks in Michigan?

Assuming there are no traffic lights, stop signs, yield signs, or any other signs, and that there is simply a zebra crossing / crosswalk painted on the road. Are drivers legally required to stop to ...
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How to get from Detroit Airport to Greyhound Station?

How do I get from Detroit Metro Airport to the Greyhound Station on Howard street? My flight lands at 8:00am and the bus leaves at 12:10 from the Greyhound Station. How can I get to the station on ...
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