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Can I travel to Greece with a criminal record?

I am a Mexican national. I served a 3 year sentence in jail in USA and was then deported to Mexico (drug offense) 2016-2018 (2 years 8 months). I currently traveled to the Dominican Republic. In ...
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Can I go back home to Mexico through Belgium if I only have the right of residence in Poland?

My Visa in Poland had expired and I applied for a new one so it means I'm allowed to stay in Poland but NOT to travel outside. I need to go back home to Mexico but there's no direct flight and I would ...
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Don't have news about my eTA process, what should I do?

I started my eTA process last Wednesday and I still don't know if it has been approved or denied. I haven't heard anything from the IRCC either, all I got from them was an email that I received that ...
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