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Visa expires in May 2015, can I enter the US on January 26?

I am a Mexican citizen with a visa that expires May 31, 2015. I need to enter the US for five days in the last week of January. Can I do so or do I need to renew it before entering the US?
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What documentation does a Mexican citizen need to fly domestically within Mexico?

If a Mexican citizen, residing in Mexico, wants to fly domestically, what documents are needed? Example: Flying from Torreon to Cancun (different states in Mexico)
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Documents required for a Mexican citizen getting married to a Pakistani in Dubai?

Which documents are needed for getting married in Dubai to a Mexican woman? She will come on a visitors' visa and she will come between 5 to 10 days. I have resident visa and I am from Pakistan. What ...
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Do dual American and Mexican citizens need passports to travel between the US and Mexico?

I have 2 children that were born in Mexico. They have a birth certificate abroad. So this is dual citizenship. Do they need passports? My kids were born in Durango, Mexico. I am American. Their ...
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Can I travel to Greece with a criminal record?

I am a Mexican national. I served a 3 year sentence in jail in USA and was then deported to Mexico (drug offense) 2016-2018 (2 years 8 months). I currently traveled to the Dominican Republic. In ...
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Is a Mexican passport needed to fly into Mexico from the United States?

I'm Mexican and a US Permanent Resident. I'm going to fly into Mexico from the United States, and I want to know if I can use my Mexican voter's card to check in at the airport, or will I need my ...
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Travel from Mexico to Europe being unemployed

I'm planning a 2 week trip to Europe (Spain, England, Scotland, Belgium and Germany) in the middle of June. I am currently working as software developer but my contract ends on June, one day before ...
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Problems when exiting Schengen area on expired residence permit

My girlfriend is a Mexican passport holder. She studied in Netherlands for her masters and she possesses a residence card/permit from The Netherlands (the expiry date on the card says 1st Dec. 2016). ...
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Is it possible to go back to the U.S.after overstaying as a child?

When I was 3 years old in 1998, my family and I left Mexico and went the United States with a visa. Now this visa was for 10 years but we stayed longer. We were never arrested, we always paid taxes ...
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Re-entering Germany, with transit in the US, with only a national ID card and another passport

I am a dual German and Mexican citizen, and I currently live in Germany. It appears I may need to travel to Mexico without a valid German passport and I would appreciate any information on whether I ...
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Can my son enter the United States with just his birth abroad certificate?

I have been working to get my family into the United States for over a year. My wife is Mexican and son was born there. My wife got her permanent resident visa just 2 months ago, and my son had his ...
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Both tourist and language course visa

I currently have a tourist visa (multi-entry for 1 year) for Europe, issued by Spain. I now applied for a language course visa (3 month) in France and I do not see why it should not be granted to me. ...
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Mexican Travel to Germany

I have some questions as Mexicans dont need visa for Germany. I plan to make a trip of only two weeks to Germany. Will, they are questioned at the airport/Immigration? such as Where is He/She ...
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