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Travel in, on and around the Mediterranean Sea.

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What dangers should I be aware of when doing a long-distance bike trip through Europe?

The EuroVelo routes from this answer helped me a lot to do some initial planning of my long-distance bike trip through Europe which I hope I can start in November. I would ride the bike from the ...
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Is it true that cruise lines are not allowed to sell alcohol and certain foods whilst in Israeli waters?

All being well regards to the current epidemic I shall be embarking on a cruise this November 24th which includes a two day stop in Israel. Obviously as a middle aged male the all inclusive drinks ...
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Should you book tickets in advance for the Ancona-Split ferries?

I live in a city with many international ferries departing each and every day. Here the prices changes all the time and you should book the tickets as soon as possible. Also the prices are different (...
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Where in Palma Majorca is it possible to sleep on the beach? [duplicate]

My previous question was on Canary Islands, but now am asking the same thing about Palma. We are planning a two-night trip to Palma Majorca (PMI airport we are flying to). Travel dates are last week ...
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Men in thongs on mediterranean beaches?

So I am travelling in a few weeks to Barcelona, Cote D'azur, and to Genoa Italia and was wondering if men wear thongs on these beaches. I want to try it personally but am unsure how taboo it would be. ...
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33 votes
2 answers

Where in the world is this harbour town?

Does anyone know where the place depicted on this TV is? I'm hoping it's not a digital confabulation because it looks very nice and I'd like to visit: Image depicted is a product image of an LG ...
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1 answer

Cyprus to Gaza by sea in an inflatable craft [closed]

Because of the political situation in my home land °Palestine Gaza°, now 2 million people are trapped in 360 km square called °Gaza strip° and they are left without sea port, airport, or land port. ...
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Can I hitchhike on a yacht to cross the Mediterranean from Spain to Turkey?

I've heard occasionally of people managing to get passage on yachts and other boats and I would like to try this. How can I find a boat to ride on and what would be the likely conditions of carriage?
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What was the tower seen in stage 3 of Tour de France on Corsica?

Stage 3 of this year's Tour de France passed an tower at the end of a headland on the Corsican Coast. Anyone recognise it? According to Wikipedia there are 90 towers on Corsica! Seen here (UK) about ...
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Good (and Bikini) beaches in Turkey (including Izmir and Antalya)?

Please don't get me wrong! I know where Turkey is and I have been to Istanbul 3 times and Ankara 2 times. All I know is that Istanbul is a prime destination for tourists going to Turkey. However, I ...
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Croatian island hopping suggestions [closed]

I'm planning a seven day trip to Croatia and am starting my research on possible Mediterranean islands to visit. I will be traveling with my girlfriend and we would like a few nights in: a lively, ...
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12 votes
1 answer

Can you currently get from Turkey to Egypt by ferry?

Since April 2012, Anrusstrans is offering a ferry service between the Turkish port of Mersin, in the south east of the country, and Port Said, east of Alexandria on the Egyptian coast. Over at ...
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Is it normal to have something added to the bill in a restaurant in Italy?

I was in a restaurant in Rome and after I got the bill I saw that beside the regular 8€ for spaghetti I ordered there was an additional position that said: una persona 1.5€ When I asked the waiter ...
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Is it normal that I can't find any available hostels in Cannes in August?

Are there any beds available in hostels in Cannes on 6th August? I've used several hostel engines, and they only list hotel rooms... it seems that everything is already reserved. Is it because of the ...
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Is there a convenient ferry between Sardinia and Corsica?

I have flights to Olbia, Sardinia for three nights first weekend of May (because they were cheap). I thought it might be nice to spend a night in Corsica (and bring my TCC count up to 41). Are there ...
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Best time for Mediterranean cruise

Has anyone done a Mediterranean cruise? If so, what is the best time to go during the year? We are thinking either May or September.
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