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For questions about travelling with medical devices, including pacemakers.

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Flying with medical equipment

I'll be traveling from the USA to Africa. Can I carry my portable ultrasound machine in checked baggage or will it need to be in my carry on due to the battery type? The battery marked under Rating on ...
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Portable oxygen concentrator

If I travel with a portable oxygen concetrator but I am not using it on the plane does it still have to be an FAA approved device. I only use it at night with a CPAP machine.
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Checking in Medical Equipment for Free

I’m traveling domestically to Fairbanks, AK. I travel with Lymphedema medical equipment for my disability. I know I can take this equipment on the plane for free. Because the bag is large in size, ...
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Flying with baggage for medical supplies/equipment in South America

my gf and I will be traveling through South America for the last 3 weeks of April. She is able-bodied and I am c5 quadriplegic that can walk with crutches for short distances/durations (like down the ...
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Avoiding important carry-on luggage being taken away

Since I'm traveling with essential medicines and medical equipment it is key for me that my carry-on luggage is allowed to be carried into the aircraft cabin, so that it's available to me at all times,...
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Must hearing aids be taken off when passing through security?

When someone uses hearing aids which is usually a small electronic device that is inserted into the ear, should they be taken off the person and passed through the x-ray machine along with electronics?...
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