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Orlando International Airport in Florida, USA some 6 miles southeast of the centre of Orlando was once McCoy Air Force Base. Not to be confused with Miscellaneous Charges Order.

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2 answers

Earliest you can enter MCO airport

For very early morning flights (5:00 AM- ish), what is the earliest someone can enter MCO airport (not necessarily checking-in, but simply enter the airport and maybe dine/shop)?
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Time for domestic to international connection at Orlando/MCO

I am flying from San Francisco (SFO) to Orlando (MCO) and connecting to Peru. The inbound flight will likely be in section 2 (terminal A) and outbound in section 4 (terminal B). The layover time I ...
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Orlando MCO airport connection

I'm flying into MCO on Virgin Atlantic arriving at 14:25 and have to catch a Frontier Airlines flight at 17:25. Is this enough time to get through immigration, collect the baggage, clear customs and ...
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Domestic to International Arrivals at MCO

I'm flying to Orlando from NY (Domestic) and my mom is flying to Orlando from Panama (International) on the same day. Can I go from domestic to international terminal to meet her at her gate? if not, ...
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Connecting flight in MCO airport

We will fly from SFO to MCO on United Airlines. From there we will take Bahamasair to Nassau (NAS). I appreciate any advice: Is 2 hours enough to move from an arrival gate in airside 3, go thru East ...
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Orlando International airport - can you get from terminal A to B while inside security?

My friends and I are flying out of MCO (Orlando International Airport in FL in the USA). One friend and I are on JetBlue and will likely have a gate in section 1 in Terminal A, where the other friend ...
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Is TSA rescreening required when transiting internationally through Orlando airport?

If I am flying from internationally to Orlando then immediately flying to Miami, will I need to be TSA rescreened after landing in Orlando? If so, should I expect to be rescreened in the Orlando's ...
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Does a UK citizen with an international connection at Orlando, USA (MCO) need to clear Immigration and Customs?

I have a flight from Montego Bay, Jamaica to Orlando, USA with Southwest Airlines and about four hours later a flight onward from Orlando to Frankfurt, Germany with Lufthansa. I'm travelling on a UK ...
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Is 85 minutes enough time to transfer in MCO from international flight?

My international flight arrives in MCO (Orlando International) at 6:00 am. I must take another flight (MCO-JFK) at 7:25 am. Is that enough time to go through immigration, claim luggage and get to the ...
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