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Questions tagged [maltese-citizens]

For questions specifically about people travelling with Maltese passports.

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2 answers

Connection at Atatürk airport

I am a Maltese national travelling from Malta to Turkey, with a connection flight at Atatürk airport 6 hrs later to Dubai with Emirates. Since the flights are with different airlines and I would ...
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Entering Canada from the US by bus

I shall be visiting Canada during the summer, however, I will be entering the country by bus from New York. Would I still need an eTA to cross the border? I will be coming from Malta (Europe+EU ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Is it possible to get a free 15 day visa upon arrival at Hanoi airport?

I read somewhere its possible to get a free 15 day Vietnam visa upon arrival at Hanoi airport as long as I show proof I'm leaving Vietnam within 15 days, which I am. I'm flying to Hanoi from Kuala ...
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NON-EU spouse of EU citizen at the same time a british citizen [closed]

I am married an EU citizen at the same time british citizen we live now in malta. I have to plan to travel in UK this december 2014. Do i need a visa to travel in uk?
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Do Europeans require a visa to visit USA?

I will be staying for 2months in the USA, do I require a visa since I am a citizen of Malta, which is part of the European Union?
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