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Questions tagged [madagascar]

Madagascar, officially the Republic of Madagascar, is an island country in the Indian Ocean, off the southeastern coast of Africa.

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Schengen visa with R/AT under remarks

I applied for a C type Schengen Visa at the French Embassy in Antananarivo, Madagascar. My plan is to go to Austria (as primary destination) first and then on to France. My visa contains a remark ...
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Tourist visa to Madagascar from Canada

A friend and I are traveling to Madagascar in November. We're wondering if we need to apply for tourist visas before we go, or whether we can get them at the airport. We’ll be there less than 30 days. ...
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Bringing gemstones from Madagascar to an auction house in Switzerland [closed]

I intend to travel to Madagascar in the next couple of months. I am interested in buying gemstones there and bringing the gemstones to Switzerland to sell them through an auction house based there. I ...
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Flying between Tanzania and Madagascar

We are planning a one-month trip to Rwanda, Tanzania and Madagascar, but looking at the flights it seems that you can not fly directly from e.g. Dar es-Salaam to anywhere in Madagascar. Does anyone ...
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Consular help for EU national in a country with a limited consulate of own country?

According to EU regulations "[y]ou are eligible for consular protection if you are a national of an EU Member State in distress in a country outside the EU where your country does not have an embassy/...
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Madagascar in Dec/Jan, how bad is the rainy season?

I am considering visiting Madagascar for the whole of December and the first half of January. Various online weather services show that a rainy season /monsoon hits Madagascar from roughly half-way ...
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Regular train service from Antananarivo to Antsirabe?

The Madarail website lists two options from Antananarivo to Antsirabe: La Micheline "Viko-Viko" Le Trans Lemurie Express Both options seem to run for weddings and such events, according to the ...
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Is there still any franc/ariary confusion risk in Madagascar?

Wikivoyage warns against franc/ariary confusion in Madagascar: The former currency Malagasy Franc (Franc Malgache) was replaced in 2005 by the Ariary (Ar-ee-ar) which is worth 5 Francs. For example,...
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Why do you need a valid US visa as an Indian citizen, to transit via Europe?

This was catalyzed by a question on the need for a Schengen visa for Indian citizens and the discussion that followed. The question I posed is: I have a valid US (F1) visa. Does that mean I can ...
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What is a reliable and safe method of obtaining cash in Madagascar?

I may spend a month in Madagascar and cannot find conclusive information on the availability of ATMs, banks, or other methods of obtaining cash. My travel guide specifically mentions Visa instead of ...
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