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A city in east-central France in the Rhône-Alpes region, situated between Paris and Marseille.

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Any caveats in renting an electric car in Lyon?

We are going to rent a car in Lyon in August for about a week. We will live in Albertville, and are going to explore the area, including travel to neighbour countries (Geneva, maybe Turin). I see that ...
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Hotel quarantine in France

I am travelling to Lyon from India via Paris and as per the current guidelines I need to quarantine myself for 10 days. Since I do not have a permanent residence there yet, I need to quarantine in ...
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How can I get from LYS airport to the city center of Lyon?

My flights will be arriving at LYS airport on a Thursday afternoon (around 2 o'clock and leaving on a Sunday evening (around 8 o'clock). From the airport I want to get to the city center and ...
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Lyon public transit ticket conditions? says "(DESCRIPTION EN ATTENTE)" which Google says is simply "Description is waiting". So what are the conditions? Is it valid only for a single ...
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Is WI-FI available in Lyon Airport upon arrivals?

I'd be arriving on Lyon saint exupery airport tomorrow night and I wanted to know if there are Wi-Fi facilities available there upon arrival? I researched online but really couldn't come up with a ...
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Is it possible to buy a SIM card at Lyon airport?

I'm travelling to France and my port of entry will be Lyon airport. If anyone's been to that airport, can you please tell me if it's possible to buy a prepaid local SIM card in the airport itself? ...
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How can I buy bus tickets in France?

I'm going to Chambery which is located in the Rhone Alpes region of France. I know that in the US and Canada you have to carry exact change to board public buses. Is that the case in France too? ...
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How common are ticket checks on the Rhônexpress tram in Lyon? [closed]

The Rhônexpress tram in Lyon, running from the city centre to the airport, costs 13.20 euros. However, how easy is it to evade the fare? Are there barriers at the stations, and how common is it for ...
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How easy/hard is it to go from Lyon to Grenoble (France) on a 50cc scooter?

I am planning a trip trough the French countryside and was wondering if the elevation climb (roughly 800 meters at the halfway point) will be a big factor. I'm not looking to go fast, roughly between ...
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Is public transportation avaible at night in Lyon?

Is public transportation available in Lyon at night? If yes, until what time does night transport run?
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What is the city center of Lyon in France so we don't book too far?

I am booking in Lyon, France, and I want to know the city center of the city so I don't book too far. I found some places in Monplaisir, which I don't know if it is close or not Update What about ...
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What is the cheapest way of getting from Lyon to Saint-Paul-de-Varax?

How can I get from Lyon to either Saint-Paul-de-Varax or Saint-André-le-Bouchoux by more affordable means than TER train (€10.30 one way per person)? I am thinking that maybe there are buses that ...
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How to get from Lyon to Château de Moidière

How can I get to Château de Moidière from Lyon without a car? Is it possible at all? A more general question would be: what major transportation options are available for reaching destinations ...
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Hiking/nature around Lyon

Are there any opportunities for hiking or going out into nature around Lyon, France? I am looking for something that can be done in a single day and does not require a car. What are the best areas ...
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Lyon at night - where to eat?

Are there any places that serve food late at night (after 23:00) around Vieux Lyon or between 1st and 2nd arrondissement? I'm thinking wine bars that serve charcuterie perhaps, or street food…
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Are there any nice restaurants or cafes offering Wi-Fi and power outlets in Lyon?

I am a telecommuter looking for a nice place to work out of in Lyon this week. Do you have any recommendations? What I am looking for is free Wi-Fi, power outlets close to seating and preferably a ...
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What is the cheapest way to go from Lyon (France) to Milan (Italy)?

I am from Egypt and I am going to Lyon for a conference which will finish on 27th of March. I need to go to Milan for a short visit after the conference. Is there anybody knows the best way to do that?...
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Eurail Pass from Lyon to Milan

I plan to buy a Eurail pass that enables me to travel from France to Italy. I plan to buy the France-Italy Rail Pass, but I don't know whether I would need to buy an extra pass because from my ...
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