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Deutsche Lufthansa AG, the flag carrier of Germany and the largest airline in Europe. Member of the Star Alliance.

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Fare baggage rules regarding tickets that are partially fulfilled by another airline

I am booking a return trip from the Middle East to the USA with a connection in the USA on the first direction, and a connection in Europe in the return flight. There are four flight legs in total, ...
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Trying to change return ticket date on group flight but travel agency is being difficult and airline reroutes to agency

I'm a member in a student chorus that's going on tour to Hungary. Our director/the university booked and arranged the tour through a travel agency. I wasn't sure I'd get to join but about a month ago ...
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Travel from the US to Mumbai via Frankfurt on an expired H1B with a valid Canadian visitor visa

I am travelling from the US to India via Frankfurt (Germany) in a couple of weeks. My US H1B visa has expired (with an approved I-797), but I do have a valid Canadian visitor visa. The German Mission ...
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how to change Lufthansa seat assignment upon/after check-in when first flight is on United

I am flying LH from ORD to MUC. However, my first flight to ORD is on UA. I wonder how I can select seats when I check in on UA. I got checked in for the first segment, but I can not figure out what ...
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Refunds if first leg of Airticket is cancelled - Lufthansa premium economy

I had booked a one way Premium Economy ticket with Lufthansa on the following itinerary for me and my daughter 31st March - Bangalore - Frankfurt - Vancouver - Saskatoon I had booked a return ticket ...
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Lufthansa 48h guarantee fare

I have a problem with Lufthansa. I have booked a flight with them using the 48h Fare guarantee. The price of my trip was 889 eur total. Then, as I was still discussing with my wife the trip I have ...
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