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Questions regarding travelling to the City of Lucerne in Switzerland.

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Wait times at Mt. Titlis?

I'm heading to Mt. Titlis- end of August. but since the weather is uncertain, I want to wait and buy my Tell Pass there. With the Tell Pass are the wait times really long in getting to Titlis, and ...
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Is it better to use swiss pass or rent a car?

We are 4 adults, arriving in Zurich- for a 3 day stay in Lucerne. We plan to visit Mt. Titlis and maybe Interlaken during our stay. Is it cheaper to rent a car for our 3 day trip, or should we just go ...
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Do trains in Europe run on Christmas day?

My wife and I will be in Europe (Munich, Lucerne, Vienna, Prague) from just before Christmas to just after New Year's. If I have done my research right - it looks like trains will be running all of ...
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What is the most scenic route from Lucerne to Montreux?

I'm looking to travel by train from Lucerne to Montreux in Switzerland. gives me two main options: Via Bern, in 2.5 hours: route map Via Neuchatel, in 3 hours: route map Is the latter ...
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How does one "navigate" by train across Central Europe? [closed]

We are a family of 4, 2 youth aged 21 and 24. We plan to reach Lucerne on 19th of July 2014.... Lucerne-2 nights, then Salzburg 3 Night, then Vienna 3 nights, then Budapest 3 nights and Prague 3 ...
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City centre of Lucerne in Google map

I am struggling to find the city centre of Lucerne, Switzerland in Google maps, and how far is it from Lucerne rail station. I cannot spot the city centre of Lucerne in Google maps. Actually I am ...
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