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El Alto International Airport (IATA: LPB) is an international airport located 8 mi (13 km) south-west of La Paz, Bolivia. It is the highest international airport and fifth highest commercial airport in the world.

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Why does one sometimes have to go through two subsequent security gates at El Alto International Airport (LPB, La Paz, Bolivia)?

I took a flight from El Alto International Airport (LPB, La Paz, Bolivia) to Alejandro Velasco Astete Airport (CUZ, Cusco, Peru), and passengers for this flight (boarding gate R20) were required to go ...
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Do I need a transit visa to pass through El Alto International Airport (LPB), La Paz, Bolivia?

I am an Indonesian citizen flying from Peru to Chile, with a transfer through El Alto International Airport (LPB), Bolivia. I have looked, but I can't seem to find a straight answer as to whether ...
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Luggage storage at El Alto La Paz airport

I am looking for a place to leave 2 pieces of luggage for 3 days in La Paz, Bolivia - preferrably at La Paz El Alto airport (LPB) Does anybody know if such a service is available there? If one ...
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Airport boarding fee in La Paz, Bolivia

While booking a flight from Santiago, Chile to La Paz, Bolivia I have to confirm the following dialog on the website: ¡IMPORTANT! The airport boarding fee in La Paz is not ...
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