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Los Cabos is a municipality that encompasses the two towns of Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo linked by a twenty-mile Resort Corridor of beach-front properties and golf courses.

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Cabo San Lucas Water Taxi

I was recently in Cabo San Lucas for two days. We walked around, and eventually took a water taxi from the beach near The Office, back to the Marina. They charged us three of us $5 a person. The next ...
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1 answer

How does the Baja California Sur sustainability tax work?

When flying into San Jose del Cabo airport, I've been given a flyer about a new sustainability tax with a link to According to the LA Times it is voluntary: Travelers arriving ...
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1 answer

What publicly accessible vantage points exist near Cabo San Lucas?

I'm currently staying in Cabo San Lucas and I would like to take a nice panoramic photo of the city. What are my options location-wise for doing so?
3 votes
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Can you hike from Cabo San Lucas to Lovers/Divorce beach?

When walking across the Marina in Cabo you can see many touts offering to take you to Lovers/Divorce beach by boat. But can you simply walk there overland? It looks close enough, although the terrain ...
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1 answer

Is Uber currently safe to use around Cabo San Lucas?

I'm a big fan of Uber and use it as much as I can, however some reports on TripAdvisor mention that Uber drivers are being harassed by the taxi mafia. How big is the danger currently in practice? Is ...
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1 answer

What are the current options for getting from SJD airport to Cabo San Lucas and vice versa?

As of 2019, what are the options for getting to/from Cabo San Lucas from Los Cabos airport? The options I'm aware of are: Official taxi Uber is available, but they can't pick up passengers from the ...
16 votes
4 answers

Is it safe to drive the Baja Peninsula?

I want to drive from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas but I've heard of people being pulled over by corrupt cops and being hassled by people on the peninsula. I speak fluent Spanish and I'm pretty street ...