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European "Long Stay Visas", also known as "National Visas" or "Type D Visas". Used when visiting countries in the Schengen area for longer than the 90 days maximum of a Schengen visa.

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Schengen Visa photo printing error

My wife received her Schengen visa for Iceland today. Her face is clearly visible but there is a portion of her shoulder that wasn't printed. We have also reached out to the embassy just now, I ...
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Traveling outside Luxembourg with a type D visa

I applied for a type D visa to work in Luxembourg. My type D visa is still valid for 3 months but the provisional work permit expired before I entered Luxembourg. Can I travel to Schengen areas now ...
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Can I transit via Schengen with visa-free days expired?

I have read some (or all) related questions and answers on this site, but I still have doubts whether or not I understand the situation precisely. My situation: Non-EU citizen, but a visa-free ...
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What to do if I lost my French visa?

I have been living and working in France for 2 months at a French university but recently on a trip to visit family in the UK I tragically and stupidly lost my passport and the (long-stay) visa ...
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Are long-stay visas in France multi-entry by default?

I am an US citizen and planning to go to France for a year for tourism/personal reasons. I expect to be issued a long-stay visa (VLS-TS or perhaps VLS-T, not sure how they determine this). My question ...
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Can I apply for two extended visas in Schengen countries at once?

I am a US citizen trying to stay in Europe for a year. I want to live in either Spain or Portugal. Can I apply to both countries at the same time in case one does not give me the extended visa? I'm ...
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