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Gatwick Airport, the second largest international airport serving London, England.

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50 votes
4 answers

Can I board if my flight arrives 1.5 hours before my UK visa becomes valid?

My visa to UK is valid starting from June 25 but my flight to LGW is June 24 10:30 PM (edit: this is landing time not departure based on VCE-LGW flight times presented by I still have 1....
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3 answers

Can I get from Gatwick airport to London by Oyster card?

I read many contradictions as to whether one can use a Oyster card from Gatwick Airport to central London. What is the most time-efficient way to go from Gatwick to "Old Billingsgate" (Monument tube ...
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9 votes
5 answers

How to get from Gatwick airport to Paddington?

What's the most straightforward way to get from Gatwick airport to Paddington station in London using public transport? I'm mostly interested in travel time & general smoothness of the trip (e.g....
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Heathrow to Gatwick and traffic jam

I will land on Heathrow airport on a Sunday morning (October 23rd, 8:30 am) and take the national express bus directly to Gatwick (bus leaves at 10:05 am). I will have five hours between landing and ...
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3 answers

Best and fastest transportation from Gatwick to Heathrow airport

I arrive into Gatwick from Nice at 12:30 pm on 9 May, 2016 and depart from Heathrow at 15:15 for Shannon. What is the most efficient transportation between the two London airports? Will the airline ...
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26 votes
3 answers

Strange landing interview at LGW for an EEA national

So the following conversation took place at Gatwick Airport in April 2015, around 10:30PM, as I was entering the UK on a Swedish ID card. I was dressed in jeans and a plain red t-shirt (it was warm ...
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Can I get Oyster cards at Gatwick airport in the evening?

Is there a place to buy Oyster cards at Gatwick airport? I can not find the information anywhere and since I will be travelling zone 1-4 during my stay I think it is the best option.
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1 answer

Drive through Gatwick "dropoff" by mistake

I was at Gatwick to collect a friend. I got confused by the road signs, and drove through the dropoff area by mistake. I drove straight through, came round again, and then parked in short-stay, which ...
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2 answers

From Gatwick airport to central London by bus

During short visit to London. Is it possible to go from Gatwick airport to central London (Chiswell street ) by bus on Sunday morning at 10am?
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Will luggage be transferred from Heathrow to Gatwick when Shannon is final destination? [closed]

I'm flying into Gatwick and my connection to Shannon is through Heathrow. Will my luggage be transferred by the airlines as SNN is my final destination?
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