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Questions related to gay or transgender travel, including events, destinations, safety, laws, and airport security.

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Can I bring testosterone gel with me to Germany?

I'm a trans person, and I want to bring testosterone gel I bought abroad (legally but without a prescription) into Germany. Customs says the following: substances that are particularly harmful and ...
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Toilet laws for Transgender people in Japan

I'm a trans woman heading to Japan on holidays soon. Are there any particular laws surrounding the toilets in Japan for transgender people? I will be presenting female - but I will be visibly ...
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Gay nightlife in Berlin

Soon, I will be visiting Berlin with a gay friend. It would be nice to take him to some gay or gay friendly bars and clubs. We won't be trying to hook up, just enjoy the ambience and maybe a show. ...
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Is there a way to book tickets on Indian Railways without supplying your gender?

When purchasing a reserved ticket on any train operated by Indian Railways, one's required to enter the age and gender (male or female) of all passengers. However, for various reasons, I don't wish to ...
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Should gay people be careful when in Poland? If yes, to what extent?

A group of friends and I intend to visit Warsaw and its surroundings next year. We are members of the LGBT community. Seeing the scale of the 11/11/17 far-right manifestations makes me a little ...
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Same sex marriage in USA on visit/tourist visa?

I am Sri Lankan male to female transgender person (but my travel document still lists me as male) and have a boyfriend from the United States. Can we get married in the USA on a visit visa or tourist ...
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Safety in Ukraine [closed]

I am spending a week in Ukraine as part of an LGBT performing arts group. We will be under the protection of the US Embassy and will be visiting Lviv and Kiev. I know very little about the region, ...
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Is it a sign of being gay if a male wears a white trousers in the UK?

Long story short, we were a group of people on a short visit to London, one of us (a male) wore white jeans, then an European woman from the group told him that it is a sign of being gay to wear white ...
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Can you register a same-sex marriage while a tourist rather than a resident?

Of course there is Las Vegas. But so far, the US does not recognize same-sex marriage. Only 13 countries so far seem to have recognized the right to conduct same-sex marriage. If you are not a ...
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