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Questions regarding permitted or forbidden activities in various places, including unforeseen technicalities.

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Can Korean American men visit South Korea without being drafted? [closed]

I've read some things about how Korean American males 18 or older can't visit South Korea between the age of 18 and 35? 38? (inclusive?) without being drafted into the military. South Korea, of course,...
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Use of the dual citizenship (US and Canada) with revoked passport

I have a dual citizenship. I had a pending tax liability with the IRS who confiscated my US passport. The US district court obliged me to pay $ 1,000/ month since 2013, and I did it religiously. I did ...
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Do you need an IDP for Lebanese drivers licenses in Sweden?

The Lebanese drivers license is in Arabic and French, and the Swedish passport is in Swedish, English and French. French is a 3rd language of many Swedes and our king is French. Do you need an IDP ...
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How safe is it to leave my passport in my hotel room? [closed]

How sure can I be that a passport left in my hotel room is safe? On my trip, I don't need to carry it around with me every day, so would like to leave it behind.
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Didn't attend court for speeding in the US 11 years ago, will this cause problems now? [duplicate]

I was working and traveling in California. I was caught by police for speeding. On my ticket was the date of a court appearance. The date on ticket stated December, but I had to leave the USA in ...
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As tourist in China do I have to fear consequences for having publicly liked South Park?

I am a German citizen planning to travel to China next year for leisure. On my various social media accounts I have previously liked South Park (including using characters from the show as avatars, ...
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Is it legal to feed the pigeons in Stockholm?

I have recently been in Stockholm and saw only a few pigeons in the city (as compared to other cities). I am wondering if there is any regulation related to feeding the pigeons or if it is simply ...
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We are on WHV, my boyfriend was in a small collision, we are leaving in 2 weeks what happens if we don’t pay the damages?

My boyfriend was in a small driving collision in Brisbane last night, it was legally his fault, there isn’t much damage to the other car but a few marks. We are leaving Australia in 2 weeks, what ...
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Is it allowed to buy a Probe Bahncard 50 repeatedly?

I bought a Probe BahnCard 50. It is now expired (I cancelled the subscription) and the trial period of 3 months is over. Can I buy a Probe BahnCard subscription again?
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driving abroad with own car and local law on modifications, differences between what's is legal on a car and what isn't

I read somewhere recently, that german officials seized foreign cars, based on "not TÜV approved" (TÜV being the authority to decide vehicle road legality in Germany), even though said vehicle is ...
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ESTA 90 days - flight delay [closed]

I have been travelling in the US on an ESTA (for holidaying purposes and to see family); I entered on 08 June 2019. I purhcased tickets to depart the US on 04 Sept. 2019, and I was due to depart JFK ...
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Are car rental contracts provided in English?

Renting a car we need to sign a rental contract. If I rent a car in non-English speaking countries (Spain, Portugal) do the international rental companies like Avis, Hertz, Europcar provide an English ...
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Is it legal to bring back seashells from Ireland

Is it legal to bring back seashells (no living shellfish, just the shells) from Ireland (Dublin airport) via airplane to Germany? We found them on the beach. There are eight shells between 2cm and 7cm ...
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Legalization in Pakistan of Documents for Finland

Want to ask how to legalize documents in Pakistan with no consulate or embassy representing Finland here. I looked around everywhere and can't find any answer for this.
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What can a passenger do when Ryanair close the boarding gate earlier than advertised?

For a Ryanair flight, the "Gate Closing" written on my friend's pass was 9:35, which was 30 minutes before the flight, and he arrived at the gate at 9:28. The gate was already closed and so he did not ...
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Country sticker necessary on car when visiting the UK?

I just read in the Guardian that GB stickers should be visible on cars when visiting the EU. Renew your passport earlier than planned, buy a GB sticker for your car, and prepare to wait four months ...
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Minor consent letter with multiple citizenships

I think similar topics have been discussed here but I haven't seen an answer to my question (yet). We currently live in country A, my wife has passport B, I have passport C and our son has 3 ...
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Can I import live plants from India to Bangladesh while traveling

I love gardening ( fruit trees ) but from my experience of buying plants I have seen that in Bangladesh lots of fruit species and varieties are not available yet . Collection of different species and ...
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How to determine what I should eat on a flight with passengers with nut allergies

I recently returned from a trip to Florida on British Airways. On both flights there was an announcement that some passengers have a severe nut allergy and so we were instructed not to eat food ...
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What self-defense weapons are legal in London?

I've travelled London many times, and this is the first time I got robbed in broad daylight, in afternoon! Around four youth wearing masks brandished machetes, asked for my purse and everything in ...
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Is it legal to sleep in a park in Germany using a hammock?

So I'm planning on going to Germany using a 15€ flight deal sometime this summer and I hope to spend as little as possible. I was wondering if it is legal to sleep in a park or on the streets and ...
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Can I travel from LA to NY with my foreign Passport? (it does not have a visa) [duplicate]

So I came to the US with a visa but overstayed so I became (illegal?). Im currently in the process of becoming a resident (my mom is a citizen) but am still waiting on my papers. I am traveling to NY ...
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What happens if an EU citizen doesn't pay a Canadian speeding ticket?

A friend of mine who is an Austrian citizen is currently doing an internship on a Canadian farm and got issued a speeding ticket for going 140 km/h in a 100 km/h limit zone. For reference, this was ...
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Passport Requirement to Rent a Car

I was surprised that an Amsterdam auto rental required a passport, despite making the reservation through I have no objection to requirement: I am left wondering: What practical purpose ...
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Is taking photos prohibited at airports of Taiwan except those in Taipei?

I found the following information on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation: Дополнительные рекомендации с учетом особенностей страны Во всех аэропортах острова, ...
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Can a Washington resident travel with a firearm to Alaska?

I'm planning a trip to Alaska where I would like to experience a little bit of wilderness. Given that all of Alaska is "bear country" and I'm not planning to become bear bait on this trip, I would ...
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Is it allowed to photograph airport customs signs from the baggage claim area?

Three days ago at Bergen Airport I warned my cousin not to take pictures at the baggage claim, since the baggage claim in Bergen Airport is really close to the custom signs. However, he took a picture ...
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Can a Bangladeshi enter India by air from third country?

I am from Bangladesh, and I have an Indian tourist visa, which I received from the Indian High Commission in Bangladesh. At this moment I am in Bhutan. Now I want to enter India by air. Is it possible?...
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How much marmelade can I bring into the US?

I want to bring homemade berry marmelade in little glass jars with me to the US from Europe as gifts for friends. I have found the following site on importing foods into the US
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What is the official rule on Albanian roundabouts?

When entering roundabouts in Albania we have witnessed both vehicles on the roundabout giving way to entering vehicles, and vehicles entering the roundabout giving way to vehicles on the roundabout. ...
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Flight compensation with agent

I had recently traveled to London from Warsaw with LOT Polish Airlines and had connecting flight in Zurich (both flights were on same ticket sharing same booking reference number). Flight was delayed ...
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If I leave the US through an airport, do I have to return through the same airport?

My wife and I are flying to Iceland and we are trying to book tickets but I wasn't sure about the flights. So I am just asking to clarify. If I leave the US through an airport, do I have to return to ...
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Traffic law UK, pedestrians

The following scenario has happened to me a lot in London, UK: I'm walking straight and am about to cross a street that goes orthogonal to my direction, without a traffic light or zebra crossing. A ...
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Travel agency told me my hotel is overbooked, what are my rights?

Since this question will probably involve some laws, I will state that I am German and I was booking via an online site which is mediating for travel agencies. I booked a hotel on May 15 for a one ...
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Won a ticket to attend Cannes Lions, a conference. Which type of visa should I apply for?

I won a competition wherein the prize is a complete pass to Cannes Lion. I will still be talking to the person from their side but I want to prepare beforehand. Is the purpose of this travel ...
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Are PMR446 walkie-talkies legal in Switzerland?

We plan a road trip through Switzerland and we want to use walkie-talkies for the communication between the cars. We have devices that are using the PMR446 frequency and according to the manufacturer ...
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What are my exit options if I enter a country illegally and try to leave? [closed]

What are my exit options if I enter a country illegally and try to leave? Say by crossing a border, could I just fly/drive to other countries or will I be detained at the airport/border gate, or ...
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Filming a traffic infraction in the US can result in a traffic ticket for the offending driver? [closed]

In the US can anyone film a traffic infraction, and submit for the police, and that can result in a traffic ticket for the offending driver?
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Canadian citizen who is presently in litigation with a US-based company

I am presently in a dispute with a US-based computer company over abusive charges they want me to pay for a very basic service. As I am not sure the dispute will be resolved before I travel to the US (...
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What kind of car can I drive in italy with an IDP with a less than year old license?

I am staying in Italy for the summer and I already got an international driving permit to drive. However, I got my license last November (less than a year ago) and I want to know if I can drive any ...
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Can a tourist shoot a gun in the USA?

We're planning a holiday to the USA. In our country (UK) guns are strongly controlled so I wondered if we would be able to easily visit a range to have the experience of shooting and interacting with ...
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Travelling to Croatia from France with a French residency card

Here's my friend situation, he's a refugee with a 10 year residency in France (with a residency card valid for another 5 more years) and have a refugee travel document that expired last year. We're ...
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Is it illegal to enter a hotel floor (corridor) as a non guest?

is it illegal for anyone to walk into the hotel, take the elevator and go to a certain floor if you are not a guest? Please post the adequate laws (for the US) if you know any. Thank you. Also if you ...
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Entering Germany after 3 months (having a residence permit) of absense and having received a UK's resince permit [closed]

I'm not an EU citizen. The situation is: I lived in Germany for 3 years, still registered there and have a bank account I have a German residence permit (niederlassungserlaubnis) received after a ...
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Is it OK if I do not take the receipt in Germany?

During a business trip in Düsseldorf I have bought some chocolate from a rather fancy store. After paying for it I was asked if I want the receipt (I am almost certain that this happened after it was ...
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Three adults staying in a room that says two adults on the reservation [duplicate]

A friend and I have booked a package holiday in Spain later this year. I have one more friend that wants to join us as he can get booked on the same flight. But the reservation is for only two adults, ...
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Traveling with my 5 year old daughter (as the father) without the mother from Germany to Mexico

I will be flying with my 5 year old daughter without the mother to Mexico from Germany with transit in the United States. Her grandmother on her mom's side will also be traveling with us. I was born ...
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Long-stay visa expired; how can I defend myself legally?

I've been reviewing this question as I have a similar situation. I'm a US citizen and for nearly a year I held a type D long-stay visa for the Czech Republic (CR). This visa expired nearly two months ...
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Do foreign students always have to carry their passports with them? [closed]

If I go out of my country to study, should I always carry my passport with me? EDIT: I am a citizen of India. I have not currently applied but want to go to Canada. Sorry for not being clear about ...
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Can a US Citizen drive in California with a foreign Driver's License? If currently a resident in CA but moved recently?

Can a US Citizen with a foreign Driver's License drive in California? If they recently moved to the USA and is currently a resident of California?
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