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Questions tagged [leave-to-enter]

Short term visits to the United Kingdom granted on entry by an Immigration Officer.

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Entered UK without a stamped leave to enter: How long was I granted entry for?

I am a visa national to the UK and recently got a 6 month multi entrance tourist visa for the UK. My visa remarks state "Duration 180 days." I entered the UK today through Heathrow Airport, ...
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Can I go on holiday to Spain if I got a 6-month leave to enter stamp in my passport?

I'm visiting my partner and my daughter since September 2023. My partner is settled and daughter is British. She has depression and I came from the Czech republic to the UK to visit them and be there ...
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11 votes
2 answers

As an EU citizen, what will UK authorities do if I overstay my 6-month visitor visa by a few days?

Will they send me a letter requiring me to leave the country within 30 days? Or will this only affect future visa applications?
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Can I stay in the UK for six more months if I stay for a few days in another country?

My six months stay in the UK will expire on the 30th of December. EU citizen
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Can I visit in November to the UK?

On June 21st, after I enlisted in the UK, the immigration officer took my passport and gave me a visa stamp. I received a second visa stamp on October 15th. I would like to know what the second stamp ...
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