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London City Airport in England.

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Going from Notting Hill Gate to LCY City Airport - quickest and cheapest way?

I wish to find the quickest way from Notting Hill to City airport by train or by taxi or Uber. I have bags.
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Through checking bags on BA1 - Do you have to collect and re-check?

Every day, BA flies about a dozen flights from London to Terminal 7 in New York's JFK airport. London Heathrow doesn't offer US pre-clearance, and based on lengthy discussions on flyertalk, won't be ...
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Are there drinking water fountains airside at London City Airport?

When flying, I normally take an empty water bottle (or two) with me. To comply with liquid regulations at security, I ditch any remaining water landside just before or after checkin, pass through ...
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What is more efficient when connecting through LCY: LHR or LGW?

I live 10 minutes away from Antwerp International Airport. It is international since it has two connections: London City Airport (LCY) and London Southend (SEN). I know that in theory it is possible ...
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What's the typical worst-case for security timings at London City?

I am departing from London City in a week or two. I'm flying BA, and will have hand baggage only and will have printed my boarding pass. I'm also arriving by taxi. I'm also Oneworld Emerald, in case ...
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Travelling from Cambridge, UK to London City Airport by public transport

I will be travelling from Cabridge, UK to London City Airport to catch a plane. Officially, the train ride takes ~1h45 (Cambridge-Kings Cross, then change onto the DLR). How reliable is that ...
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Quickest way from London Paddington station to London City Airport?

I'm currently on a train heading into London Paddington station, from where I'll be making my way over to London City Airport. All being well, I should have plenty of time, but the train company I'm ...
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Cheap hostel around London City Airport

Is there any cheap hostel around London City Airport? Preferably the hostel should be reachable by foot. I would be arriving at the London City Airport at about 8.30pm someday during May, so I am ...
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Is it possible to walk from ExCeL to London City Airport?

I was intending to go to a conference at ExCeL in London Docklands, leaving via London City airport. It seems a very walkable distance between the two, but from Google Maps I can't see if it is ...
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