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The period of time spent waiting for a connection (unlike stopover this is not chosen by the traveller).

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Does Ankara airport have a transit area?

I'm interested if Ankara Esenboga airport has a transit area where one could conveniently spend time during 6-hour layover. And if true, is there free Wi-Fi available (without Turkish SIM card or ...
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What's the difference between a transfer pass and a boarding pass?

Looking back at some past flight tickets, I see for a trip with 1 layover, I was given a boarding pass for the first leg, and a transfer pass for the second leg. The pass type was indicated on the ...
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Meet a friend while in transit at the airport?

I live in France. As part of a long multi-part flight, a friend of mine will be spending a night at the Charles de Gaulle Airport (in Paris, France), without a Schengen Visa (he has only the transit ...
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Can I transit via Schengen with visa-free days expired?

I have read some (or all) related questions and answers on this site, but I still have doubts whether or not I understand the situation precisely. My situation: Non-EU citizen, but a visa-free ...
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Virgin Atlantic JFK Clubhouse Access

I'll be flying from London to Las Vegas, via JFK bought on Virgin Atlantic. I'm flying Upper Class from LHR to JFK, and Delta business from JFK to LAS. It's all under the same Virgin Atlantic booking. ...
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Using Incheon’s Transit Hotel

I’m going to have a 12 hour layover in Incheon in April and was planning on using their terminal 2 transit hotel. Their hotel policy states that I cannot use them if I have to go through immigration ...
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Is 1 hour feasible for a layover in Manila for an international flight?

Due to a flight change from Cebu Pacific I now have a 1 hour layover in Manila, no baggage, and the flights are on two seperate tickets. Both flights are in terminal 3, I am flying on Cebu Pacific ...
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Layover in airport with self transfer, what are my options?

I'm traveling to Madrid through Venice (Marco Polo airport), with self transfer option, which means I have to leave the airport security then check in again. I have some questions. I was planning to ...
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Do I need a transit visa for Turkey if I have an onwards flight from IST

I am an Indian citizen flying from Glasgow to New Delhi. I am changing planes in Istanbul Airport, with a layover of about 4 hours before going to New Delhi in India. My issue is that I am using 2 non ...
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Layover time vs Schengen visa

My wife has an Iranian passport, and she got a green card visa in the passport. I got her a ticket from Istanbul to FCO Rome. Layover is 12 hours and then FCO to the USA. She won’t go out of the ...
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Layover at SFO for Dubai

I’ll be traveling from Portland to SFO through Alaska. I have a layover of 1 hr 40 mins to fly to Dubai through Emirates. Both flights in one ticket through emirates. Did some research and Alaska's ...
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