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Questions tagged [laundry]

Questions about dealing with dirty clothes and getting them clean.

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23 votes
2 answers

Is it a reasonable assumption that larger US hotels will have laundry facilities?

I'm travelling to the US and staying in a hotel in a tiny town in Utah round about the time I'd need to do laundry. I looked through the hotel amenities to see if it has guest laundry facilities, and ...
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3 answers

Doing laundry as a tourist in Paris

I'm looking to carry not more than 15kg of clothes with me from Brazil to Paris, I would like to know how the public laundry works (how should I proceed) and how much (approximately) I'll spend to ...
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2 answers

Changing clothes in Kochi

I am thinking of volunteering in Kochi, Kerala, India and it all looks good except for one thing: doing laundry by hand. I absolutely HATE this. I would like to minimize doing this so based on the ...
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14 votes
3 answers

Doing laundry as a tourist in Russia

I'm planning a several week trip to Russia (Moscow and Yekaterinburg specifically) , and I want to pack as lightly as possible --- ideally, I want to be able to do laundry, so I don't have to bring ...
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1 answer

Proper technique to wash laundry in hotel sink?

What are the proper steps to wash clothes using a hotel sink? Assume that I have no supply of proper laundry detergent either. Can bar soap be used? What about liquid soap or shampoo? Which would ...
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How to avoid to get your clothes to disappear in Indonesian laundry services?

My clothes often "disappear" in laundry services here in Indonesia. People told me this happens often. Anyone got tips on how to avoid this to happen? I imagine that whoever lives here long enough ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Doing laundry in European hostels

I will be staying in hostels while backpacking across Europe. Because adding extra luggage will be expensive, I will have to travel for a couple of weeks with only a small backpack. I have a couple of ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Laundromat in walking-distance of CDG Airport hotel?

We are staying at the CDG Hilton, however they do not have a laundromat. Is there a laundromat or coin machines in a nearby hotel? Ideally something within walking distance UPDATE: I used Gonesse's &...
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1 answer

Where can I find a wash and fold in Marrakesh, Morocco?

I would like to wash about 4kg of laundry in Marrakesh. Finding a place to do this has been tricky. Most places only do dry cleaning or industrial loads. Many tourist forums link to this website: ...
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Quality travel clothesline that is easy to hook on shower stalls?

I have the Rick Steves clothesline which just has Velcro/loops at the ends: However, I will most certainly be travelling with shower stall access for the next few months and I want to be able to just ...
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2 answers

Where am I able to do my laundry in the Peak District?

Where am I able to do my laundry in the Peak District, if my accommodation doesn't provide laundry services?
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3 votes
1 answer

Is taking laundry powder across national borders likely to cause problems? [duplicate]

Is taking laundry powder across national borders by plane likely to cause any problems? I'm not worried so much about airport security, as border protection forces mistaking it for heroin. I'm ...
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2 votes
3 answers

How to get clean shirts when the hotel doesn't offer a laundry service?

I'm living in hotels right now and some hotels doesn't offer a lundry service. I've considered full service laundry where I can pick up my laundry ironed and ready to wear and also laundromats. I have ...
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What to take on a 9-Day Bahamas cruise (specifically undies)

My wife on I are about to go on our very first cruise, and its a Disney cruise to the Bahamas. Well, I'm here at work and she just asked me how many pairs of socks and underwear to bring on the ...
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How to dry shirts using laundromats?

I find the hotel laundry services a bit expensive so I was thinking about starting to use laundromats. However, I don't want to dry my business shirts using the dryers as they might get destroyed. ...
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