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Latvia, a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. Its capital is Riga, its official language Latvian and its currency is the Euro.

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To find shower in Latvia

Is there any gasoline stations in Latvia that provides shower? I know I can get shower in swimming pool, but I need something that costs 5 Eur maximum. Where I can take shower in Riga?
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Travel options from Latvia or Lithuania to Saint Petersburg or Kaliningrad

Is it possible to travel from Latvia or Lithuania to Saint Petersburg or Kaliningrad by ferry or train? We will be traveling to these countries this summer. My wife wants to visit her mother.
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How can I get by train from Kaunas, Lithuania to Tallinn, Estonia?

I'm going to take a weekend regional-express train from Bialystok, Poland (a major railway station in northeastern Poland, just like two hours away from Warsaw) to Kaunas, Lithuania. Apparently, it's ...
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Can I somehow extend a trip on an Ecolines bus if I can't contact them in advance?

The Latvian bus operator Ecolines runs a service from Moscow to Riga. On behalf of some family members, I purchased two tickets for the Moscow to Rezekne (in Latvia) portion of the route next week. ...
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Self-isolate if my home country rises above threshold while I'm in Latvia? [closed]

The current regulations to enter Latvia from another EU country mandate that I have to self-isolate for 14 days on arrival if the country I am coming from has had more than 16 new Covid cases per 100k ...
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Where can official Latvian swimming locations (and their current water temperatures) be found?

Where can maps of official swimming locations in Latvia be found? These would be better if they also included temperatures at those locations. I've tried searching different options, incl. ...
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How easy is it to get in and out of Russia by illegally crossing its border?

I'm unsure whether my question is on-topic here, but it's about travel and border crossing, so I've decided to try. I'm writing an article about Russian borders, focusing on illegal crossings in both ...
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Photographers in Latvia, Riga and Tallinn [closed]

I am from Germany and I planned to visit Baltic cities (Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn) in the mid of March. It will be my first visit to those places. As I will be traveling alone in this trip, I planned ...
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Is there somewhere to buy used Latvian books in Riga?

I'm finally travelling in the Baltics and hoping to add to my collection of translations of a certain famous novel that I collect. As a booklover and as a person on a miniscule budget, I like to dig ...
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Latvian Visa for Indian National In Zagreb

Hi I am Indian national and will be traveling to Riga for research in a company. I am currently in Zagreb. I was not able to find official document list for the application of visa. Can anyone help ...
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(SHA?) hashes on receipts [closed]

After my holiday to Latvia, I was doing my administration and I noticed that almost all receipts had cryptographic hashes on the bottom. One receipt defined them as SHA1. Adding hashes to receipts is ...
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Please help me prove my intention to return? [closed]

So heres the story guys, i want to apply for a visit visa from nigeria to latvia to visit my gf to celebrate our one yr anniversary. We have been dating on facebook for a year now and Shes inviting me ...
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How many days should I fill in for a double-entry Schengen visa application?

I will be staying in Latvia for 26 days and I want to apply for a double-entry visa. On the application form, should I write 26 days or 90 days? From comment: My first entry is on 1st September ...
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Riga - Tallinn by train: is this 4-minute change realistic?

I'm looking into travelling from Riga to Tallinn by train. From the invaluable Seat 61, I know that this involves a cross-platform change at the border station of Valga, arriving 13:55 and departing ...
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Is it considered bad manners to eat in public (on a bench) in Latvia?

Recently I got yelled at by a stranger (middle-aged man) when I was eating pizza, which I purchased at a cheap restaurant (and chose take-away), sitting on a bench in Riga. He just said something to ...
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I had Schengen visa four years ago and it's revoked due to limitation on my visa [duplicate]

I had Schengen visa four years ago through Latvia, and it was revoked due to limitation on my visa, pls can I apply with my new passport as new applicant through another Schengen country. I would ...
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Non EU parent to a EU citizen [closed]

I am from Algeria and was married to a woman from Latvia in August 2013 in Algeria. The marriage was registred in April 2014 in a Latvian town hall. We had a daughter in May 2014. I tried to obtain a ...
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Road conditions in Latvia and Lithuania in Winter

I am planning to drive from Vilnius to Riga between Christmas and New Years Eve. I would like to know how the road conditions usually are in this time of the year? Especially on the smaller roads. ...
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Is it wise to stay with locals in Estonia, Lithuania and/or Latvia?

I'm planning on going to Estonia (alternatively Lithuania and/or Latvia) and I'd like to experience a normal Tallinn/Riga/Vilnius life. I'm referring to the small thing, such as (but of course not ...
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Is it convenient to go from Latvia to Russia? [duplicate]

I am in Germany. I want to go in this way: Dresden-Warsaw-Lithuania-Latvia-Moscow-Beijing. I have to bypass Belarus because I do not want to apply for the visa. The problem is, is it convenient to ...
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Can a US citizen enter the Schengen area without a visa?

Can a US citizen travel from USA to Latvia without visa?
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Trains between Riga and Tartu

On Tartu's wikitravel page it states Direct trains between Tartu and Riga are scheduled to resume after the completion of track construction. I will be in Riga in 2 weeks and I was hoping to ...
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Is it possible to visit Riga (Latvia) from Stockholm by plane in one day? [closed]

I would like to ask, is it possible to do a day trip to Riga from Stockholm? I found inexpensive flights by Air Baltic for 90 euro from Arlanda at 8.30 in the morning and return at 19.00 or 23.30 ...
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Will I be refused a residence permit for having overstayed my Schengen visa? [closed]

My Schengen visa expired on 25 June 2014, but my residence permit will be issued on 15 July 2014 (I was supposed to get it before my visa expired but the person who deals with my residence permit is ...
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Is there such a thing as an international mobile wireless provider?

After searching for a short time, the only promising lead I've found is global gig, which claims to stay connected in the USA, UK, Australia, Ireland, Hong Kong, Sweden and Denmark. Which doesn't ...
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Should I leave tips in Latvian hotels

Should I leave tips in hotels in Latvia? Each day I put 2-3 lats (about 4-6 dollars) on the table, but each evening I'm returning to the room I find money untouched. This is my first country where ...
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How can I get an apartment in Riga, Latvia From the US? [closed]

This Latvian real estate web site has daily postings come up for recently vacated apartments, but the more affordable ones in a good location are claimed rapidly (by some accounts, typically no more ...
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Martina Bekereja: How to find them in Latvia?

When going to Latvia, I like to eat some small snacks in the bakeries called Martina Bekereja. I think there are several of them in Latvia, or even in the whole Baltic. Because I really like them, I ...
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Sightseeing and food in Riga [closed]

I am going to Riga, Latvia for two days in few days. Out of your experience, what should I go look at and where should I eat. Any suggestions?
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Does anyone have any advice for an English person going to Positivus festival in Salacgriva, Latvia? [closed]

I'm finding it hard to find English-written reviews/advice of Salacgriva or the festival in general. In particular I'm wanting to find out if there's anything worth doing in the town or nearby, what ...
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