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Questions about late arrivals from scheduled transportation (airlines, trains, long-distance bus...) and related issues when connecting service has stopped running, for example.

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Air passenger compensation claim for cancelled flight

Question: Does the response United provided to my compensation claim with the Canadian Transportation Agency really is a good justification for cancelling my flight, causing me to arrive almost 24h ...
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Flight LH947 Frankfurt

Please can you tell me what time did LH947 arrive in Frankfurt from Manchester UK on Wednesday 8th March as I missed my connecting flight at the airport
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Official recommendations for how early to reach the airport

Airlines usually suggest to reach the airport very early in their instructions; of course it costs them nothing to write "you must arrive 3.5 hours early for this internal flight, even if you ...
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Muan International Airport to Mokpo in late evening

I reach Muan International Airport Friday at 21:30 with no checked-in luggage. I had booked the only guesthouse in the area via but this morning the owner sent me an email telling me that ...
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Change in intended date of Arrival . Uk visit visa

Can I change my travel plans or intended date of arrival after getting UK visit visa ? Will there be problem at immigration? I mentioned in my application that I want to visit my brother in mid week ...
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Reliability of greyhound/amtrak from Minneapolis to Chicago

I am traveling from Minneapolis to Chicago next Saturday, and I need to be at Symphony Center by 4:45 pm sharp. My schedule is unfortunately somewhat constrained, and my travel options are as follows: ...
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Finding historical flight arrival data [duplicate]

How can I find historical flight arrival data for AF149 for September 29, 2017? I need to file a claim.
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Late no-show at hotel

I booked a hotel via a 3rd party (expedia) for 1 week months ago. Due to weather conditions my flight was delayed by 3 days. I did not check in online or via phone to the hotel, or contact expedia for ...
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How late are restaurants open until in Italy? (Bologna specifically)

I am heading to Los Angeles in three weeks but I have an 8 hour layover in Bologna Italy. Unfortunately this layover is from midnight-8am. Is it worth it to leave the airport in search of some ...
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Midnight check-in: Hostel in Paris

I am travelling to Paris on the 22nd of December. I was looking for a youth hostel close to Paris city centre. But the problem is that I will arrive in Paris at midnight. So, I am wondering whether I ...
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Going from Nice airport (Nice St Augustin) to Cannes when arriving late (~9pm)?

I am considering taking a 3 day stop in Cannes, but the plane I intend to take lands thursday night at 8:40pm in Nice airport. I have been taking the train from Nice St Augustin to Cannes before, and ...
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Arriving very late at hotels in Athens

This September, I will be flying into Athens at 10:45 PM. I'll be leaving to Santorini, then arriving back towards the end of the week via Piraeus at 11:45 PM. Will arriving that late in town pose ...
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Any late train from EuroAirport to Zurich?

In a few weeks, relatives will fly into Basel EuroAirport, with arrival time estimated at 9pm. From there, we are thinking about either a car rental or the train to reach Zurich. As the flight ...
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