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Questions tagged [las]

Questions about McCarran International Airport (IATA: LAS), serving Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

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1 answer

Can I use the hotel shuttles between McCarran Airport and the Strip without a hotel booking?

There appear to be many free hotel shuttles between McCarran International Airport and the Strip or the downtown. If I don't book a hotel, can I still use the shuttles? Can I also get back from some ...
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Where exactly do taxis pickup passengers in Las Vegas Airport (LAS)

I pose this question because once I understand this, I can try to predict the taxi route: I'd like to make a stop between the airport and the hotel, but need to understand the starting point.
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Do I have enough time to connect (changing terminals and rechecking bags) at LAS?

I have a Southwest Airlines domestic flight landing in Las Vegas at 4:40 pm in Terminal 1. I have an international flight on Norwegian Air. leaving from Terminal 3 at 6 pm. Will I have enough time to ...
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3 votes
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Luggage through check on domestic-domestic-international flight

I'll be travelling from Las Vegas to Abu Dhabi this end of July. I booked the ticket via American airlines website. There is a connection via Los Angeles, and the itinerary mentions that the flight ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Figure for taxi ride from LAS Las Vegas airport to the MGM

I hope this isn't too far off topic... Could someone give me a rough figure for how much a taxi ride would cost from Las Vegas LAS airport to the MGM casino? I found this interesting article about ...
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Can I walk from Las Vegas McCarran Airport to UNLV?

I will be flying to Las Vegas for a conference at UNLV. The UNLV campus is adjacent to Las Vegas McCarran Airport (LAS), and it appears on a map that the distance between them is about 1.5 miles. ...
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