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Questions related to visiting various landlocked bodies of water. Prefer a more specific tag where relevant. Perhaps: [baikal], [great-salt-lake], [lake-constance], [lake-victoria], [salt-lakes]

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eBiking and swimming in Austrian lakes

I am looking to spend this year's summer holidays in Austria. Last year I was in Seefeld in Tirol and I really enjoyed renting ebikes and just exploring around and also swimming in lakes around the ...
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Seeking lake to paddle board at Mt Baker, Glacier, WA

I'm going to visit Glacier, WA for vacation and will stay there for a few days. I plan to bring my stand up paddleboard with me, and would like to know if it's allowed to paddleboard on lakes there, ...
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thermal (hot springs) destinations in Europe for young couples [closed]

When we search the web for Europe Hot Springs and similar terms we get a lot of results. We have found that many thermal baths are often visited by older people for medical reasons. We are looking ...
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Which is the coldest lake in Austria during summer

I am looking for the coldest lake, pond or reservoir in Austria suitable for swimming (i.e. where swimming is legal) during the peak summer months (July and August). The location doesn't matter as ...
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Crossing the Skadar Lake by boat or bicycle

I will be making a trip to Skadar Lake from the Montenegrin side. I searched a lot to find out if there are any services that take you to the Albanian side as well. I know that I can visit the ...
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Are there any natural lakes within 3-hours of Dallas?

I became engaged in a debate at work and I'm trying to track down an answer to the following: are there any natural (not man-made) lakes within a 3-hour drive of Dallas Texas? Keep in mind that this ...
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Where was this photo taken (screensaver on LG Oled TV)?

Can someone please tell me where this picture of a church on an Alpine lake was taken?
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Zurich Lake boat ride

There is a boat ride at the Zurich lake and I want to know where can I get the boat for that boat ride. Is there a specific location where I can board that boat? I guess there are boats that are ...
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Old Painting - Identify Location

Recently I received an old reprint of a painting. At first it was just typical 1950's cheap wall art to me, but since having it on my wall I've begun to like it and now I'm curious where this scene ...
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Norway location for vacation with Lakes and fields but no people? [closed]

I'm looking for places to spend my vacation in Norway but I want something like a field empty with no people no cities, no cars, just silence and a lake. I don't want mountain trips or to live inside ...
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Inle lake entrance fee

Do you have to pay the entrance fee if you only want to visit the lake? We are not interested in visit the pagodas, but we would like to visit the area (may be do the Inle-Kalaw trek). Will they ask ...
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Are there paraglide/paramotor operators around Lake Toba?

I am looking for information on doing a paragliding trip around Lake Toba. I have no paragliding license, so I am looking for a tandem trip with a pilot. I see references to this possibility on e.g. ...
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Is this airliner-shaped lake real?

On a flight over Utah, I spotted a strange shape on the flight route app on the seat LCD that looks just like an airliner: Not believing my eyes, I checked OsmAnd and sure enough, it's there! Here ...
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How to go boating on Pichavaram lake?

I want to go to boating on Pichavaram lake located in Tamilnadu,India. Are there any boating services available in this area? Please provide information about the fare for boats and timings.
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Water activities on West Scotland's Lochs

Since Scotland is full of small lakes that promise nice views due to their proximity to mountains, I am wondering if I can rent a boat/kayak/canoe on some of them? I'd be particularly interested in a ...
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Chicago's summertime weather [closed]

I'm curious about Chicago's summertime weather. My understanding is that the Lake acts as a heat sink. It absorbs a lot of the sun's radiation meaning that the nearby land is cooler. But I was ...
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How to reach the clearest lake in the world?

The clearest natural fresh water lake in the world is apparently Blue Lake, near Nelson in New Zealand. I'm wondering how one would reach it - the tracks to take, walking times etc - ideally a map ...
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Where is this lake?

The filename of this image is "rocky mountains", but it rather looks like Norway to me. Where is it exactly? No source I find through Google Images or through tineye will be more specific than „...
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How do I get to Abant Lake from Istanbul?

I'm planning to go to Istanbul and I heard that Abant Lake is nice throughout the year. So, I'm planning to go there for a day as well. What worries me is how to go from Bolu to Abant Lake. I found a ...
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Lake McKenzie turning green?

One of the most magnificent tourist destinations in the world is the largest sand island in QLD Australia, called Fraser Island. On it you can visit a crystal clear fresh lake, called Lake McKenzie. ...
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Beaches on lakes in Germany - security aspects

I usually travel alone, which raises security issues. The most serious they are on beaches near lakes - when I want to swim, I have to leave all belonging on the beach. I've never experienced ...
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Park or lake with jogging and outdoor gym in Kuala Lumpur?

In many cities there's an obvious place to go for a run, such as along a beach front, around a lake, along the river, or some nice big park. In Kuala Lumpur the river is sadly neglected and ...
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Is there any good way to know if a water-mass is safe to bathe in?

There is a lot of pollution around, and a lot of abuses of the natural resources. For example, on I-80 in Nevada, it is not uncommon to see some sort of man-made factories around what appears to be ...
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Travelling overland to Mammoth Lakes, California on a weekend

I will travel to Mammoth Lakes early May. I would like to minimise my flying to as few legs as possible (for ecological and sightseeing reasons), so I will probably fly to one of the nearest three ...
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How to visit Lake Hillier?

Is it possible to visit Lake Hillier? Do I have to go with tour or can I for example rent a car and go there? I see no roads near it.
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