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What potential issues may arise from using the Kiwi online travel agency?

I added an answer mentioning the Kiwi online travel agency. I received some feedback that it may not to be the best online travel agency in the world. What potential issues may arise from using the ...
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Flight is rescheduled and no compensation is offered, I can't make it to my connecting flight

I booked a flight through Kiwi (travel agency) from Greece to India through Abu Dhabi on May. My flight changed its schedule, now I cannot make it to my connecting flight. The travel agency proposed ...
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Passenger rights for canceled multi cities flight

I booked a multi-cities flight back in Jan 2019 for a travel plan at the end of July 2020. It was all in one itinerary but with 3 airline companies and total 4 cities, 10 flights. I purchased 3 such ...
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Booked a trip on Kiwi: one of the flights was cancelled, alternatives don't fit me. What are my rights?

I booked a trip on Kiwi (4 flights): Zurich > Oslo, Oslo > Tromso, Tromso > London, and London > Zurich The last leg was cancelled. They suggest alternatives but there all very unpractical. Other (...
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What does the " Guarantee" cover? sells different kinds of connecting flights: "Connection protected by the carrier" These are the same as on any online travel agency: they include the usual support of the airline as ...
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