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A climbing mountain in Tanzania, East Africa.

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Are outdoor equipment stores open on a Sunday afternoon in Arusha?

I'll arrive in Arusha on a Sunday around noon, to start a Kilimanjaro trek the day after. While I have most of the required/recommended gear, I need to get a few extra things. I have the option to ...
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Booking Kilimanjaro Trek in advance?

I'm planning to climb the Kilimanjaro in September. I'll arrive on the 29th of August, stay in Moshi for two or three days, then start the hike. What I'm wondering now is whether I should book the ...
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Can I get Diamox over the counter in Nairobi?

I'm planning on hiking Kilimanjaro and will be in Nairobi for a while before that. Will I be able to buy the altitude sickness medication diamox there or in Kilimanjaro National Park? Can I get it ...
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Where can I get definitive success rate statistics for Kilimanjaro trekking operators?

I'm thinking of attempting Kilimanjaro and have read on operator websites that the park authority keep success rate statistics for Kilimanjaro trekking operators. These are apparently based on ...
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How to get into and travel across Tanzania

I'm interested in visiting Tanzania - the capital of it (Dodoma) and Kilimanjaro park, and I didn't find any info about any airlines to get into Tanzania and about local transport - buses or taxis. ...
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How can I find a guide that will take me safely up Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Elbrus?

Where/how can I find a local/professional guide that will take me safely up Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Elbrus?
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What is a good hydration system for hiking Kilimanjaro?

I am attempting a summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro (Africa) later in the year. I have most of my gear, however the one thing I am unsure of is the best way to hydrate and store/carry my water. I am also ...
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