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Questions tagged [jordanian-citizens]

For questions specifically about people travelling with passports issued by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

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4 votes
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What type of visa does he need to enter Greece?

My friend is traveling from Jordan to Canada with me. We will stop 6 hours in Greece for transit.During this time we would like to visit Athens. He is a Jordanian citizen. We checked the website and ...
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Bulgaria visa type c number entries 2 [duplicate]

Im jordanian and have bulgaria visa type c number entries 2 i want book flight from amman to bucharest Then back to amman with out enter bulgaria Can i do that
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Reapplying for Australian tourist visa with my successful US visas? [closed]

I am a Jordanian citizen. My application for Australian tourist visa was denied. I provided bank account and work letter. Everything was ok but I haven't travelled in the past 5 years so I checked as "...
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Visa-free transit in Korea

I'm flying from Auckland to China (layover) to Busan. Then 5 days in Korea, then Seoul to Japan. I am staying there for 3 months. I am from Jordan and a New Zealand permanent resident. I already have ...
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Visa to UK from France to non citizen

Im Jordanian, and married to a french citizen! I currently live and work in Paris, I applied for a UK visa on the 23rd of april and up until now I got no answer ! does it take longer for non citizens ...
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Dual citizen with different dates of birth on documents [closed]

I am a US/Jordanian citizen with two different dates of birth on my passports, due to an old mistake, which can't be fixed now. I will be traveling to the US. I live in Saudi Arabia at the moment, as ...
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Does a US permanent resident need a tourist visa to visit Mexico? [duplicate]

If a person is a permanent resident of the united states, and holds only a Jordanian passport, will they be required to apply for a tourist visa to go to Mexico for a short vacation? No, it is not a ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Is it possible to cross the border from Kosovo to Serbia without visa for Jordanian passport?

Since visiting Kosovo visa-free is possible for Jordanian nationality, and Serbia is not as I search (not sure) so is it possible to cross the border from Kosovo to Serbia without Visa ? or I can take ...
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Long stopover in Canada flying from Riyadh to Orlando. Do I need a visa to enter Canada as a Jordanian citizen?

I'm flying from Riyadh to Orlando, USA (I have USA visa) with stops at Frankfurt International (FRA) and a 19 hours layover in Toronto (Canada) Pearson International Airport (YYZ) with Air Canada. ...
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Transit visa for Brussels for Jordanian citizens [duplicate]

I am travelling from UAE to Russia in the coming month. My flight will halt for about 4 hr at Brussels, there I will take another flight to Russia. May I know whether I would require transit Visa-...
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Traveling from Mexico to Amman; do I need a transit visa for CDG or LHR?

I am a Jordanian citizen living in Mexico. I will be traveling from Mexico to Amman, Jordan. Do I need a transit visa for CDG or LHR? I have less than a 24 hour layover.
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